Diablo: IncGamers is 100% funded by advertising and in order for us to keep providing excellent Diablo content as we have done for over a decade, we need the community to support our efforts.

With the advent of Ad Blockers, Diablo: IncGamers has found it harder every year to find the funds to keep the site online. Diablo: IncGamers is an independent website completely self-funded and funds raised go toward expensive hosting costs, tech support, and the writers.

In 2014 we ran tests to find out what percentage of the Diablo: IncGamers community blocked our advertising. We discovered that a staggering 46.5% of the visitors blocked all advertising. That’s nearly half of all the ad revenue suddenly gone!

We understand that many readers dislike advertising on websites but independent sites such as Diablo: IncGamers depend on readers supporting the site. This is why we set up our PAL subscribers system. We wanted to offer an ad-free experience for readers who really disliked any form of advertising when they’re reading a website.

The harsh reality is that sites as large as Diablo: IncGamers cost thousands every month to keep online. There are over 1 million readers consuming our Diablo content every month, and even if a fraction of those supported us through the PAL subscribers system, it would go a long way to helping us continue with excellent content and even add new features for the whole community.

We understand not everyone can afford to become a subscriber so all we ask is that you unblock our advertising by adding Diablo: IncGamers to your Ad Block whitelist. It’s very simple as you can see from the image below, and to really support us, please whitelist the .ingamers.com domain.

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Click Tools > AdBlock > Disable on diablo.incgamers.com

We appreciate the support our current PAL subscribers give us and we will continue to look at more extra features for those who are fully behind Diablo: IncGamers.