The Diablo 3 Beta Start Timer

The Diablo community is eagerly awaiting the start date for the Diablo 3 Beta and although we have no exact date for the Beta to begin, we have some indication from Blizzard that the beta will get underway in Q3 (ending September 2011).

During Gamescom on 16 August, during numerous interviews with the development team, they stressed that they were still very much “aiming” for a Q3 beta.

Interviews where the September Beta release date was mentioned

The date was also confirmed as September release on 18 August.

While we have no exact date, the counter will be updated with the latest start date based in information released by Blizzard. So for now it’s set to the oldest date.

If you want to know more about the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta check out the page on DiaboWiki.Net.

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    9 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Beta Start Timer

    1. isn’t the ladder reset supposed to occur around the same time ?
      I believe they said they wanted to reset the ladder every 6 months and I think that’s coming up 

      so maybe the ladder reset is the beta start date

    2. Flux and I recorded the News Attack about an hour ago and I put to him that as the ‘grow a beard’ thing is set to pick its winner (in Taiwan at least) on 16th the beta wouldn’t start until after that?

      Also, how long does it take to grow a decent beard? I have no idea. But if they’re awarding a key for the prize for the best it has to be a good few weeks at least?

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