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Diablo 3 Forum Watch #99: The Hardcore Ironborn Want Your Corpse

Join or die: the Self Found HardCore League. The SFHCL, founded by Lord Vega, organizes and motivates the hardest of the hardcore, players going entirely Ironborn in Hardcore. There’s no Auction House access and players in the league are permitted (though not required) to trade with each other, but only loot they find/craft/vendor themselves. Most of the participants are cooperating and handing down equipment to others following the same ruleset and there’s a handy organization to the league provided by their custom group on Diablo 3 Ladders. It’s basically a preview of the no-AH / Ironborn style that many players hope to see officially-supported in D3X, and the main thread is huge and full of interesting tidbits.

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