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Blizzard Starts to Ban Scripters

As we reported earlier Blizzard started to ban players that use hacks and cheats in Diablo 3. Some forms of cheating that was not taken care of before, at least not in Diablo 3, is the use of automated scripts for the Auction House and farming. Not going in to too much detail of it but it works like this; The script program takes controll over your mouse and use a pre-recorded sequence and play it over and over again. The most common use of the script was to farm Sarkoth in Act I. One way for Blizzard to stop this behaviour was re-enable the Game Limit. I know that Blizzard have banned people in World of My lIttle Pony Worldcraft before for the use of this type of tool and it was only a matter of time before they moved over to include Diablo 3 in the bans.

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By: Rushster