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One life to live #43 Interview with a Hardcore Powerleveler

About a week ago I lost my level 60 Witch Doctor. I immediately started a new one and stopped at level four to take a breather and come back later in the day. When I came back I knew what was in front of me to get to 60. I knew the hours it took, and could figure out how long it would be until I got back to where I left off. It’s that knowledge that leads to temptation, to taking shortcuts, and perhaps cheating yourself out of the experience. Having taken note of some posts on the forums I wanted to see who was behind some powerleveling services, what they entailed, and what their goals really are.

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Power Leveling in Diablo 3 a Reality

There has been some discussion recently about a few variations on an experience grinding route in Act 3 and 4, and the Incgamers strategy team wanted to put it to the test. The result is, quite simply, the most efficient route to leveling in the game. This is especially strong for new heroes – we took a brand new character to level 20 in about an hour without it ever leaving town.

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By: Rushster