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No Picture Patch 14 Skills Updated

We have now updated all the skills in the database to patch 14. If you were following the patch 14 release last night then you may want to see what has changed since the last patch and you can find the full list right here. This list includes either significant text changes to skills, not capitilisation changes or anything Blizzard cleaned up. Just the hard facts on the skills themselves for all the classes.

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By: Rushster

No Picture

Surprise! Patch 14 Deployed After Delay + HC Error

Update 2: With the patch comes a new error! Error 300006 is what all people who have leveled a new character to level 10 and attempted to create a new HC character. I really have no idea why they didn’t wipe all the characters because half of my characters are in full red gear.
Update: The patch is now deployed! You can now download the patch.

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By: VictusMetuo