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diablo 3 class dance video

Class Dance Video

On the PTR Blizzard have added a new emote. Type /dance on any of the classes will cause them to break out in dance. The moves aren’t as many and varied as the ones in World of Warcraft some of you will be familiar with but they’re flavour.

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By: Elly

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Blizzard Taiwan Puts on a Diablo 3 Dance

Blizzard has done some pretty weird promotional stuff with Diablo over the years, I still remember the Diablo 2 Alien Space Opera they put on at ECTS in the late nineties, that was just weird. Anyway, Blizzard were at the TCA Show(Taipei Computer Applications Show in Taiwan and put on this little number. What it has to do with Diablo 3 is anyone’s guess.

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By: Rushster