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Paragon Levels: The Max Level Controversy Revisited

Since Blizzard announced the new Paragon Levels system and implemented it in v1.04, I’ve been 1) enjoying the feature, and 2) thinking back on the “max level 60” controversy from a couple of years ago. The whole issue is summarized pretty well in our Max Level wiki article, but if you weren’t around back in September 2010, here’s a quote from the official statement here.

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Blizzard Posts Tracked

Blues IncGamers Updated to Track New Forums

As you know Blizzard opened up a new set of forums so tracking the old forums for new Blizzard posts seems rather pointless. The good news is Dorjan and I have been busy working on getting up and running to track the new forums. We are now fully tracking both the US and EU Diablo 3 official boards and we also continue to track the old Battle.Net boards in case something appears there. All the old Battle.Net posts are archived and will stay in the system forever for future reference.

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By: Rushster