Purchasing Diablo 3

where to buy diablo 3Pre-orders are currently being taken from most of the online retailers and below is a list of them with their best prices and any special deals for the regular version and for the DiabloWikiCollector’s Edition. There are also links to digital downloads.

If you know of any deals or price changes you can add them to the comments below and we will update this page.


EBGames – $88.00 (incl.p&p)
Harvey Norman – $78.00 (incl.p&p)
JB Hi-Fi – $79.00 (incl.p&p)


Amazon – EUR 45,00

Collector’s Edition

Amazon – EUR ?



Amazon – EUR 54,90 (incl.p&p)

Collector’s Edition

Amazon – EUR ?



Amazon – EUR 49,50 (incl.p&p)



Go2Arena – 164.90 Z? (preorders entered into draw for merchandise)
Go2Arena – EUR 41,99 (key not box. Includes PDF Guide, discounts on other Blizzard and non-Blizzard products and 3 hours beta access and chance to win prizes)



qishan – 65.90SGD (Must order in multiples of 4)



DataPryLse – 597SEK
Discshop – 468SEK
Dustinhome – 488SEK
Electroworld – 439SEK
Elgiganten – 449SEK
Ellos – 544SEK
Game.se – 458SEK
Gamesnstuff – 478SEK
Ginza.se – 478SEK
Hemmakväll – 458SEK
Inet – 548SEK
InWarehouse – 488SEK
komplett.se – 478SEK
Liontech – 524SEK
MaxFPS – 528SEK
Megastore – 468SEK
Rocks Online – 428SEK
Siba – 449SEK
Spel & Sånt – 476SEK
Spelbutiken – 438SEK
Webhallen – 478SEK

Diablo III Digital Copy

Gamecarddirect – 499SEK

Collector’s Edition

Electro World – 995SEK
Elgiganten – 999SEK
Game.se – 999SEK
Gameshop – 1018SEK
Hemmakväll – 828SEK
Megastore – 1075SEK
Webhallen – 1074SEK



Amazon – £29.95 (incl.p&p)
Gamestation – £32.99 (incl.p&p)
The Hut £29.95 (incl.p&p)
Play.Com -£ 34.99 (incl.p&p)
Tesco – £32.97 (incl.p&p)
Zavvi – £ 37.95 (incl.p&p)
HMV – £34.99 (incl.p&p)

Digital Version

Blizzard – £44.99 (need a battle.net account)

Collector’s Edition

Amazon- £69.85 (incl.p&p)
Tesco – £69.99 (incl.p&p)



Amazon – $59.98 (incl.p&p)

Collector’s Edition

Amazon – $249.99 (incl.p&p) – Third party seller

Digital Version

Blizzard – $59.99 (need a battle.net account)

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66 thoughts on “Purchasing Diablo 3

  1. Very nice list!
    Tbh I haven’t preordered yet, and this helps alot!
    (I’m a bad person, I know) 😛

    It’s 59,99 € in the Blizz store. (I’m from Germany)

  2. Best of luck to anyone in the US ordering CE…
    I put down money for a pre-order at GameStop and Best Buy.  I am really not trusting Best Buy on this though. 😐

    • You can trust them. I got my SWTOR CE from them, and I didn’t have any problems. That game was sold out everywhere as well. Funny thing though, I looked on Best Buy’s website to see if I could order the D3 CE and pick it up at the store. They didn’t have that option available for most of the stores in my state and surrounding states. You could order it online and have it shipped to your house though. So I happened to be in the store a few days ago and asked why I couldn’t do the store pick up but order it online to be shipped to my house. Customer service in the store didn’t have an answer, BUT when I went to the games department and used the pre-order kiosk, I was able to pre-order the D3 CE to pick up in the store!!! I asked the employee who worked in the game department the same thing about being able to order online and only having the option to have it shipped to my house. He didn’t have an answer either. I could only surmise the following reason: I know Best Buy gets screwed when people order more than one copy of a popular game and use Best Buy as some sort of back up to their existing order at another retailer. People order the game to be picked up in the store, but never actually pick it up. You only have to put 5 dollars down, and if you don’t get the game you get a refund automatically. So, I think they decided that they would limit the orders to either being shipped to a person’s house, or if they actually came in the store to pre-order. They did this with their really popular and most used stores. I did find a few stores that allowed you to order online and pick it up at the store, but they were stores that aren’t that popular. Only a guess on my part. I had no issue pre-ordering 2 copies of the CE for some lazy friends of mine. I know Best Buy will have them for me on the 15th. 

  3. Poland:
    – for Polish people it’s for 164.90 Z?; you can choose if you want only cd-key or cd-key plus box. They send cd-key on your e-mail on 14th May and if you choose also box they will send it later. Same price for both options, only with box you have to also pay for delivery.
    – for people from other countries it’s for €41.99; it’s cd-key only, they don’t ship abroad.
    Also if you pre-order now you can get 3h’s access to the beta.

  4. Since this seems to be the better place for it, I’m just gonna paste in the comment I wrote on the post on the main page:

    For my Singaporean and Malaysian friends!
    For those lucky enough to form a party of four, this retailer is willing to let us pre-order at the low, low price of SGD65.90. In comparison, the Battle.net digital download is SGD90 and the Gamespot midnight launch event at Funan Digitalife Mall is going to retail the game for SGD89 (source here: http://asia.gamespot.com/news/diablo-iii-singapore-launch-held-at-funan-it-mall-6369339 )
    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to any of the organisations mentioned above, nor can I vouch for them! I am merely a happy Singaporean gamer who has gotten a huge discount thanks to a tip-off by my AWESOME clanmates at Auspicium. whoooooooo 😀 

    Note that for those unable to scrounge four people to party with, a more lonely preorder is available for SGD69.90. 

    The are all US retailers=
     -CE $99.96
     -CE $99.99
     -CE $99.99
     -CE $ currently unavailable
     Best Buy
     -CE $99.99
     -CE $94.99+$.99shipping
     -CE $99.99
     -CE$ not available
     -CE$ not available
    I didn’t check on shipping charges for most of these, but believe the majority generally have free shipping.  However, this list is pretty long and if you don’t find the price you want at one, just skip to the next.

  6. You have US amazon listed as $174.99 for the CE…

    I ordered from amazon at $99.99, but Amazon is out now, so the price is going to go up every time a 3rd party runs out and they go to the next.  I just looked and the cheapest listed is over $200.  You might just want to give up on listing Amazon US Collectors Edition

    • I’ll keep it there and keep updating the entry. I already updated the price once this morning from over 200 down to 174 but now I’ll alter it again as it’s shot up to 250! eek  Not that I would ever pay it but there may be people willing to cough up that much in case no more appear on Amazon US.

      Has anyone here bought a CE above the RRP – ebay or the Amazon marketplace for example?

      • You might consider just listing the CE edition from Amazon as “3rd party only” or something like that.  That way, readers will know that it is still available from Amazon (in a way) but not for the standard price.  Amazon itself seems to get shipments in of the CE which sell out quickly.  The latest was several weeks ago and I get the feeling they might get at least one more shipment in before may 15th. 
        Anyways, it would save you a lot of trouble with trying to keep up with all the different prices 3rd party sellers are listing theirs at.
        There are plenty of other US stores selling it for the normal $99, so I really don’t see any reason to worry too much about 3rd party sellers at this point. 🙂

  7. e-store purchases for South Africa:
    Kalahari.com – R429
    Takealot.com  – R449

    brick and mortar stores: incredible connection – R449  

    NO MORE CE AVAILABLE! Kalahari was the last to have the CE on pre-order @ R649. No one else has copies available.

  8. anyone know where I can still order collectors edition from UK? I placed an order with play when they still had it listed and I was told to cancel my order because they do not have enough copies of CE and they removed the CE from the website. So after that I placed an order @ gamestation , which was cancelled for me today for the same reason.
    is there region copies within EU? for example if I order the game from spain or france is it going to be the same version as when ordering in UK?

  9. Newegg is $60/$100 for the Reg/CE and usually ships in 1 day at the standard shipping for Southern California locations (Remember: Usually!). Good Luck. Especially since that’s where I preordered…

  10. The UK amazon price seems to have increased to £32.91 including P+P Would much rather have it digital anyway because its easyer and your unlikely to get any problems. But the price is so much more 🙁

    Cheapest download i have see is £39.58 at http://www.g2play.net

  11. You should update this to include Canada! 

    Besides the regular edition being available for $59.99 at all regular gadget stores (Futureshop, Best Buy, EB Games), the Collector’s Edition is STILL available for pre-order at Futureshop stores for $99.99. I just placed a deposit on one yesterday.

    Apparently FS was allotted 1000 copies of the CE for all stores across Canada, which they haven’t sold out of yet, amazingly.

  12. Australia

    .. I am getting a collectors edition from ebgames .. but .. for other’s:

    ————— Dick Smith Electronics —————
    $79.94 AUD

    ————— www ozgameshop com —————
    $52.99 AUD Pre-order (mail delivery only)

    Collectors Edition
    (Currently unavailable … We’re currently waiting for price information on this item. Add your email address below to be kept up-to-date about Diablo III 3 Collectors Edition Game PC & MAC.)

  13. The US Price is wrong: Amazon: 59.97, CE is 99.97. Best buy is 59.99, CE is 99.99( The one I bought ).

    the CE that Amazon has listed for $250, is for the Diablo II CE. ( much cheaper on eBay ).
    Screw you AMAZON!

  14. Dear All,

    My friends would like to purchase Diablo 3 in Malaysia / Singapore.
    Where can I get the cheaper price? QiShan pre-order price is currently closed.

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