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Ok. I haven't played Diablo in about a year, and now I'm back. I've always wanted to make a summoner, but 1.90 never gave the necro a good chance to stand hell. I've decided to build one now that the patch has given new life to the necro race. However, I'm looking for a good one to build. He'll be there for mf'ing and playing PvM. I would like him to get through mf runs fairly quick in hell.

SKills: I plan to max out the obvious, which are skeleton master/raise skeleton. I also plan to use curses such as amp, decr. I'm not sure about the rest.


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In 1.10 maxed Skeleton Warriors with maxes Skeleton Mastery owns everything and should be the backbone of any conventional summoner.

But that is only 40 points what next?

Now that you said Zoomancer I guess you like the feeling of commanding a horde, so you could max Skeleton Mages as well.

I would not put that many points into Revives since they are not the total ownage they used to be. Still by all means get at least 1 point into it.

If investing heavily into summons you do not have so many points for other things. You could sink some points into Corpse Explosion as it is one of the few skills that doesn't need any kind of synergy or support skill to own (CE is as powerful as ever).

I would say max Skeletons, Skeleton Mages, Skeleton Mastery, put 1 in Clay Golem (good for slowing bosses), Golem Mastery, Summon Resist and Revive.

Put 1 in all curses.

You can waste yor excess points on:

Corpse Explosion (you should have at least 1 here)
Dim Vision or Decrepify


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Hm... Im still not sure about mages. I hear good/bad things about them. And is that build effective for mf'ing, even in hell?


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If you go for t3h Powar!!11! You could skip the mages. They are not the lean mean killing machine the warriors are and they tend to get in the way.

The standard "fishymancer" that everyone loves to MF with because he does not rely on equipment (you could fill it all up with MF gear) looks a bit like this:

20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
1 Clay Golem
1 Golem Mastery
1 Summon Resist

1 in all curses except Lower Resist.

20 Corpse Explosion

Your build will be finished at level 68. From there on you can pursue your own routes, getting revives, mages or whatnot. You have too few points to get a good bone or poison attack though.

PS, remember the Act 2 Nightmare offensive mercenary (the one with the Might aura).


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I dont need to put any points into iron/blood golems? And I hear that a good backup skill would be useful into play, such as poison nova or bonespear.


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If you have enigma, then you can max Skeleton Mastery, Raise Skeletons, Mages, and Revives, run around with a Might Merc, and teleport on the baddies.


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Not to be rude or anything, but I did start playing again after a year. I don't expect to have an enigma anytime soon. (poor man's set)


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The dirty little secret of the summoner is almost 100% of your effectiveness is your merc. Max sm and skeleton are not great at all in hell without a might merc or some kind of merc. Ideally, you want a might merc from act2 night. You want to lvl him and make sure he has a good weapon which incidentally is not hard to get. Items for him include;

weapons- all easily obtainable:
viperfork (although the 15% chance of lvl 5 ce is annoying)
bonehew (2 sockets)
hon sundane (3 sockets)

armour-really easy to get
anything ~1000 or higher
something with resists does not hurt either
another option is to get a 4 socket armour and put ral, tal, ort and thul and suddenly he has 30% resist all armour.

helm -again easy to get
tals mask
something with life leech

How to keep him alive since he will be getting you your ever important first corpse (CE) or making sure your skeletons can do damage in hell with his lvl 17 (I believe this is max for mercs ) might? First, simply make sure you cast AD to make his damage even more ubber. Even in the absence of AD your merc with his might will be doing 2000+ damage. But with AD his damage is sick and AD breaks physical immunity in 1.10. Decrepify is also a good curse to help him with. You will want to get LT. If your merc gets in trouble or is dealing with say firewall casting ghouls, than you just use LT and he will leech enough to merrily go around killling them all heh. LT will also help keep skeletons alive at times. Make sure he has life leech with his weapon and preferably his helm as well. Finally, and this is important, get FG. Your fire golem attracts monsters with his holy fire aura (even though it does almost no damage). The monsters will happily beat the golem into the ground while your merc is getting you that first corpse.

Which takes me to CE. You will probably end up with at least +8 to all skills in the end game. Investing in CE a mere 10 points in CE plus your end game skil adders will get you an 8.3 radius bomb of death. There is no skill in the game where a 10 point investment can do so much damage to so many. Yes you need a corpse and yes some monsters dont leave a corpse and yes if you party with others many use anti-corpse generating skills/gear. However your modified lvl 18 CE will just own. And that is what your might merc is for-to get you that corpse :) I do not have bone spirit or pn and just one in bone spear. But who needs them with a merc+skeletons+ CE?

Revives. Yes since skeletons are much better in 1.10 and keep up and even "teleport" too you when they fall too far behind and as such revives are really not that necessary. I "feel" blizz even made them wander off more in 1.10 but that could be just my perception. However, by putting enough points into them so that with skill adders you have a total of 14 (remember with your +8 that only requires 6 skill points) you can make an army of death that just owns in certain situations. Killing the ancients, the chaos sanct, killing baal and the big nasty are all much easier when you rez the right revives and have ~14 to swarm them heh. They are also great meat shields for many other occassions. But their use is very selective and even though I love revives even I must admit there are many occasions where they just have no use. So if you love them dont be afraid to put up to 6 points in them to glory in them when you can use them. If they annoy you 1 point.

The gear you want as a summoner is very easy to obtain.
Your gear (this is more of a poor to moderate person's set up but rocks in hell)

Sazabi's -adds 1 to all skills and has 20%+ fire and light resists
tarn is not bad here either

Trangs armour- +2 to summoning
vipermagi -+1 to all skills + 20-35 resist all, fast cast
naj's plate-25% resist all, +1 to skills

Ume's lament-easy to get +2 to all skills, fast cast
Arm of leoric- your prefered weapon-fairly easy to get
Any of the uniques necro wands

Trangs gloves-+2 to curses and some resists-easy to get
Frostburns-nice mana boost
resist gloves- if you need resists

3D tower shield for resist until you get
Homoculous- not that hard to get - +2 to all skills and when you socket with pdiamond you get 59% resist all :) who needs a 3D shield. You can obtain this with a ko or lem rune often. You might have to throw in some pgems


+1 to all skill necro amulet with any mods
rings can be adders to resist, mana or life.

This is the great thing about the summoner, fairly moderate equipment and you can be very successful in hell. Try that with a meele type heh.

Oh to obtain this stuff collect and cube flawless gems to get perfects. Save your runes especially your hellforge quests. Just getting a leoric arm and homoculous will make a huge bit of difference in your character. As for skeletal mages I would not waste the points. Better to have a wider radius CE that kills in 1 or 2 shots than skeletal mages ;) And one more thing about lvling your merc-just remeber if he is lower than you he will be getting exp penalties for being in areas that are "too high" for him. You may have to run around in act2 for example in multiple player games to get him lvled. All of my comments assume you are on bnet either ladder or non-ladder. It is also advisable to party up with people to kill act bosses. If you get all the curses (1 in each is fine) you can really help a party with decrepify, LT and Lower resistance.