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Was anyone else hoping that Blizzard might realise how important having the correct zoom perspective is to re-create the original Diablo feel but felt that they still don't get it? Was it too much to hope for? Why is it that modern arpg games have to be designed to feel almost like a third person shooter. When Blizzard say "isometric" they are not really thinking about it the right way and I think it is clear now that they never will. To me, this will likely be the number 1 reason I will not touch D4 because the zoomed-in feel completely removes any true Diablo experience that means a lot to me to be able to enjoy the game the way I really want it.


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I may sound posh or stupid. But would you, if possible, upload a side by side thingy on what you mean?

Diablo 1 and 2 was a bit more stiff when it came to being isometric in feel since there were less fluid animations. In Diablo 3 you could zoom in, but never zoom out. Zoomed in Combat was fun during the beta, not knowing what to expect around corners or "off screen". But people never tried it much.

Since we have seen the camera zoom out during the MMO aspect of it, perhaps that camera is pretty loose at the moment, and if you can nail in description what you wanna see, it might be a solid feedback for them. I mean, we see alpha version of the game so anything is possible.

But if you think this is what they will use, or go for (still dont really know what you mean), then you need to let the developers know why, and how. Its important to be constructive to even get someone to read whatever you want them to read.

Sorry if I sound off-beat, I am just a confusing person.

In the name of Zod

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If the game were more zoomed out (see Grim Dawn) then the player gets a better feel of the sense of the scale of the monsters they are going to encounter. When you can see a large monster approaching it gives the player time to produce feelings of apprehension before the fight. The more zoomed in it is the more every fight will feel like every other fight (each fight becomes a generic fight) because there is no time to grasp what is about to happen.

I know this seems counter-intuitive because we have all played first-person shooters and we all know how engrossing they can be. This automatically leads people to believe that you can create more immersive game experiences by taking the camera closer to the action. But the thing is that in first-person you can see the monsters coming from a good distance away so the psychology of the fight has time to build before engagement. The less you can see on screen coming at you from a distance this less allowance we have to generate any kind of real apprehension or foreboding or any other emotions that help to make combat truly exciting.

Having a look at this screenshot you'll see how much like D2 Grim Dawn feels because they got the zoom correct. You can see the fight approaching and have time to compare yourself completely against a foe with this level of zoom. There is less of that fisheye and just straight line of sight. That is what many a D2 player thinks of when someone says 'isometric'.
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