Zookeeper vs. Javazon


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Zookeeper vs. Javazon


I am a Zookeeper(Summon Necro) and my friend has a Javazon. Tonight we are going to duel and I am trying to find the best way to go at him. I have never deuled anyone before and I have only been playing for about a month. I don't know his full specs but I do know that he has about 900 life and use Lightning as his attack but here are my full specs and what I have for spells and maybe one of you can help me. And yes I do know that Zookeepers aren't good for PvP but I am making a Trapassin for dueling or PvM.


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2x SOJ's
Arm of King Leoric
Saracen's Chance Ammy
Few charms

Character Info:

Clvl 73
1300 Life
1400 Mana
Max Skeleton Mastery
16 Revive
10 Fire Golem
10 Iron Golem
23 Skeleton
27 Skeleton Mage
13 Corpse Explosion
11 Iron Maiden
11 Amplify Damage
10 Bone Spear
12 Life Tap
10 Fireball
10 Meteor
13 Firewall
11 Deceprify

All my spell lvls might be a lil less or lil more. I'm at school writing this so I don't know my full stats. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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1) Get some means of teleporting (najs staff has a nice 60 charges on it).
2) Use decripify curse, hopefully it will slow him down enough so he doesnt wipe out all your skeles.
3) Use your might merc, preferably with other nice aura items on him or a big damage polearm.

Then just tele on top of him and leave it to the skeles, if theyre good you'll win but lightning fury will probably kill the lot of them in 1-2 hits (judgeing by how fast it kills cows) so be careful.

Zoomancers can actually be alright in pvp its just that everytime they loose a duel they have to go hunting for corpses and res their merc.


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I'm not too sure about this because I don't duel myself... but I think you pretty much need teleport to stack all your monsters on top of your opponents...Otherwise they'll just be easy pickings for the massive damage lightning area of effect attacks that a lightning zon has. You will also be easier to hit because she just has to target one of your minions and then you can be hit too. If you're gonna make a trapper, then duel with her instead, she's a much better dueller. One tip that I do know of is that Decreipify is a very good curse, that'll slow your opponent down a lot...


Heres a hint

Heres a hint how bout you just sit there and take the lightning where the sun don't shine. WOOT! PEACE Izzout.


Im a real friend of his who just thought Id flame him.


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Thanks you for the replys.

You guys basically confirmed what I was thinking of doing except the tele. I didn't think of that. I was going to decripify him and and try to use firewall while my skellies and mages and revives and merc attack him. But tele will help alot. Thanks again guys.


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maybe u could better get teleport charges from an amu, so u still have full trang ouls on. I think u probably can kill him the first time, he won't know what would hit him when u tele on him :)


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The hints given about teleport (this is an absolute must if you want to duel with a summoner) and Decrep are definately good ones. I would recommend trying to get tele on an ammy since you are using full trangs, but if it comes down to using Naj's staff or full trangs, use the staff. A summoner without tele won't beat anyone.

One more hint though, remember that Revives retain their immunities. ;) Get some Lightning immunes for this battle.