Zon Ubering?


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Zon Ubering?

Is there any possible way, any kind of zon could solo Ubers? Diablo clone, Uber Izual, Lillith, Uber Duriel, or even be helpful in Tristram?

Thanks for your help.


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Ive done uIzual and uDuriel with my Windforce ama. Lillith was to though for my Valk. Tried the Ubers a few times, but no chance. Diablo Clone have I never seen.


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Yes, amazons might not be the best char to go for bosses like them, but they can certainly be of use.

With the lighting tree, you can kill everything that is crowded and not lighting imune. In combination with a good tank, they can certainly help.
With jab, you can deliver very fast crusing blows, which is very good for killing übers. I think people has done it with a jaberzon, solo.
The only zon that has a very tough time there is the bowazon. She is only as strong as her tank, and not many minions can tank there. Though with a char that can, the bowazon can be of use. She has a quite good crowd control, if you use the good skills.

And besides that, I think an amazon using the bow skills as her main attack most be capable of soloing the übers, just don't know how. Sorcerors do it with mostly elemental damage, and strave can deliver fast crushing blows. It might be nerved, but not many char has a 8/2 frame attack I think. Just my idea, still need to find someone to put it in a build.


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superdave has done it with a strafer and help of a wind druid. cant remember where but i think he posted it in zon forum.


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I can easily kill Uber Diablo with my javazon, he just doesn't "come around" much to practice. About 10 seconds and he's done. If I equip dracs on my javazon and use 1 point jab and a face of horror helm. I can hurt them slowly and then switch to lf to hit the minions when spawned. The face of horror helps to keep the minions at bay. I still need help to kill them and I go through a lot of full juvs though. I believe a full jabazon could do it with enough res/ias/cb.


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I'd think a jabazon with

Helm Orphan set (umed or IASed)
Boots Gore rider
Ammy High Lords or Mara's
Ring's -Raven-Wisp or Dwarf star
Armor Duress or COH if you need res help
Shield Storm Shield
Belt Verdungo or Nosferatu's Coil or Thunder gods
Weapon upped eth titans

Add some life charms and damage charms and you could jab to death