Zon troubles - lvl 72 or is Mav's set any good


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Zon troubles - lvl 72 or is Mav's set any good

Was doing relatively fine until act 3 and 4 in hell. I suppose this is not an uncommon problem.

Skills and Style -

Was mostly using the balista with maxed cold and freezing. Works great until the cold immunes show up. Since I was using balista my pierce is probably a little low as well.

I use mulit a lvl 7 rather than strafe.

For cold immune i was just focusing on guided arrow and just started putting skill points in it.

Equipment -

The bows I were using was a perf upped WWS and the Balista.
Armor was a Duriel socket with topaz and smoke.

I just acquired the final piece of Mavs and now I can wear the full Mav set. I'm wondering if it's any good. It was a royal pain on outer steep with a cold immune spawning creature. They healed about as fast as my damage was from multishot from mavs bow.

I really like the set bonuses and the way the gear looks, but I'm wondering if the bow is not good enough. In addition to my WWS I could also get an Eaglehorn.

If I do use Mav's I have not put a single socket in anything yet and I only have one socket quest left.

My Merc - Might merc. I can only now start to upgrade his equipment. He currently has meatscrapper, face mask of horror, and ok unique armor. I can upgrade to tal's helm, bonehew, and shaftstop. I just got him to lvl we he can meet requirements. Will this be enough?

My valk is around lvl 10-12. Any advice appreciated.


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Multishot requires extreme damage/speed/elemental damage/*insert something that causes immense pain here* to be comparable to strafe.

Rebuild her with maxed strafe, ONE point guided arrow, level 17 valk

Mav's set is barely sufficient for a freezing arrow magezon (uses elemental skills to do her damage) in multiplayer (3-4+) hell. For any other build it is a big fat joke in 1.10.


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Try a "Harmony" bow with an Atma's Scarab around your neck, see if that helps. For a Multi-zon speed is more important than damage. Make sure you're hitting your last BP.


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If you're going to use multi, you are going to need something like a wf bow, go with strafe or something.