Zon questions


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Zon questions

Okay, so I've no idea where to begin.

I want to try to do the ubers including urber trisram. But if it falls short of possible, then I'll be happy just doing Chaos and Baal runs

But I have a few questions
Faith + Might merc wearing Pride?
Brand + Holy Freeze merc wearing Conviction

I'm gonna use Fort armor pretty sure but I dunno my other EQ, still gotta do some research on that stuff.

Would CTC Bone spear shoot for every arrow using multishot or strafe? (pretty sure I read "no" concerning multishot but I'm not sure about strafe)
Should I go strafe or multi? I hear multi is good.

I know KB works better with strafe, but it also doesn't have the crowd control in open areas that multishot does. Should I also pump points into GA for bosses? Or is strafe good enough?


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okay I found the answer to the bonespear question and yes "whoosh" zons exist....

Here is where it will get more interesting. I'm thinking about a Wrath-zon

Now my eq on her would be pretty standard.

Wrath, COH, LOH are on my mind

But what about EQ for a merc?

I need an act 1 merc, with a faith bow. But should her armor be Peace, or Fort? I really think I'd enjoy the idea of 2 valks at the same time, and they would probably be enough of a meat shield for me to sit back and clear the way right?

Helm would probably be vamp gaze or tals for my merc


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mercs cant use stuff that gives them minions...for example...mercs having valks...it made the game freeze..or something like that