Zon help


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Zon help

I need some advice as to what equipment to wear or change. roght now this is what i wear.

helm: p gaze with 15ias/11resist all
armor: arch fort
ammy: 29 maras
ring: 247/20 raven
ring: rare 6ml 15 dex 15 vit resist
gloves: 20ias duel 3 leech
boots: 49 war trav
belt: nos coil

i have 21 100 spdcs, 1/20/15/9 anni, 2 +4 resist sc.

skills are:

20 FA and synergies maxed.
20 valk
5 in d/e/a each
1 in multi and stafe
few in critcal
few in pierce

not quite sure rest not on d right now.

str around 125
dex 300+
i have bout 850 life
standard mana

my merc has a fort, shako, doom.

i am doing roughly 6700 with FA and about 4000 with multi.

id like to kill faster but not compromise life or resist. any thoughts?


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tctuner said:
I'd like to kill faster but not compromise life or resist. any thoughts?

It seems to me you have a very good set up and Im loath to profer wholesale changes that would increase the physical damage you do but I would question the use of fortitude armour for your bowazon.As far as I can see this particular armour runeword does very little for you.

All that cold damage is great for controlling the battlefield but poison charms on their own are not fast killers compared say with LF.

How about something with crushing blow and open wounds like duress or if youre dead set about lowering resistances then CoH must look good.

Likewise fortitude does little for your merc.I would suggest stone for fhr and high defense but maybe some thought needs to be given to life leech for him.

Others might like to suggest some elite armours instead.

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You wanna know wich gear to change for a better performance, yet you didn't specify one of the most important parts, the weapon...
What's your weapon? Faith? Windforce? WWS?

Generator Of Chaos

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tctuner said:
i knew i missed something. faith.

In what base weapon? Matron Bow? Grand Matron Bow?
We cna't do much with incomplete info...
and FA = ? Fire Arrow?

augmenting phisical dmg on a bowazon is far diferent than augmenting elemental dmg...

For once, if it IS Fire Arrow, shoving an Infinity on your merc, would raise your killing speeding, by a lot. If not, Pride (I think...) would be a lot more helpfull...


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ok i changed my mercs weapon to a infinity. im thinking of swapping out gaze for a 3 socket 5/5 cold facet, 40/15, 15ias/15resist jewel.


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1) Remake the character, if that "synergies" was meant to be plural. Only the damage synergy is useful, the cold length one adds almost nothing compared to charms, even with max skill points.

2) Similarly, drop valkyrie to 1 point and recast when dead, and put those 20 points into multi or strafe for leeching.

3) Switch faith for ice. Faith is for physical damage only. If you're going to put 40 points into freezing arrows, you need to make good use of them, and Ice is unquestionably the best bow for freezing arrow.

4) Switch belt for razortail, getting you up to 100% pierce. This helps your freezing arrows an unbelievable amount, since you can double (or more) the splash damage.

5) Replace poison charms with cold damage charms. Not for damage, but for increasing cold length. The damage added from poison is nothing compared to having every non-cold imune monster frozen and helpless for as long as it takes to kill it.

6) Get CTA for your weapon switch. With only 850 life, you need it.