zon help plz!


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zon help plz!

hey i have a question

ok i followed the strafezon guide pretty much exactly
my zon is lvl 74 right now and heres her gear:

perfect windforce
204 shaft
8/8/19 gaze
near p waterwalks
cat's eye
rare leech + resists ring

my skills so far :
maxed valk, penetrate, strafe
starting to max pierce
50% critical strike

ok my damage right now tops around 1650 and i was wondering why it was so low

also, my resistances are extremely bad in hell

anyone have suggestions to help my zon?


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war travelers will boost your damage.

10 or so more levels will boost your damage. (through the windforce maxdmg/lvl and by providing more points for dexterity)

get some nicer gloves. laying of hands is a great, cheap pvm option (which is a big dmg boost). if youre rich (or patient) rares can be great.

if price is not an option, fortitude on ladder will add a lot of damage. and solid resists.

instead of going with %DR (shaft and gaze) go for armors with resistance. tals mask is a great cheap hat (ugly though). andarials visage hurts fire resist, but it has other nice stats (and important ias). there are many many great armors with resistance (lionheart is a favorite among many). not having %DR will not be a big deal as long as you stay off the front lines and use your merc, valk, and decoy.

verdungos is pointless. you have shaft and vamp gaze which maxes out your %DR. anyway as i said %DR isnt that important for zons. go with razortail (pierce, and max dmg), or nosferatus coil (str, leech, and BADLY NEEDED ias).

you need more IAS. get 20ias gloves. put 15ias jewels in your hat and/or armor. check the forums (maybe stickies) for strafe breakpoints.

atma's scarab will give you chance to cast amplify damage which boosts killing speed (but youll lose 20ias from cats eye...so tough call, depends on other equipment and breakpoints).

your windforce better have a shael in it :lol:

max damage charms help a lot.

im out of ideas. :lol: and your damage isnt horrible or anything. unless you are looking ub3r l33t OMG killing speed. i hate typing like that :confused: .

edit: one more idea: hopefully you have a lot of dexterity. a lot.


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yeah right now i have about 290

im getting a spirit boneweave +29 resists
gunna start using:
my 10LL andy
laying of hands

ill trade for some 100psn sc's

oh yeah, should i really change to war travs? i like my waterwalks, theyre +62 to life and +15 dex, and ill probably up them


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war travs have that "adds xx-yy damage" modifier which gets multiplied and becomes quite a big damage bonus. however, waterwalks is a perfectly fine choice for boots if you like them. keep in mind though, you did ask how to increase damage and war travelers is one obvious way (i usually use war travelers b/c of the +10 str and damage modifier) you probably dont need the str since you already have enough to equip windforce.

i dont think 100pdsc are that great for bow amazons, especially strafers. you hit so fast and i believe the poison doesnt stack. so if you hit a monster with one arror (starting poison dmg) and then half a second later hit it again, the poison doesnt stack to 200 dmg, it just resets the timer. i think max damage charms or some really nice lightning damage charms are better options.

also you cant make spirit in a boneweave, but i suppose you mean fortitude. if its not too late, get something lighter than a boneweave. 134 is the absolute max that a bowazon really wants in str (and only if they are using windforce). you want lowest str possible so you can pump dexterity.


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yeah i meant fortitude, but ive decided to make lionheart


to the person who said no boneweave, hel takes away 25% req which is part of lion heart, so isnt it okay if i use boneweave?


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alright, heres my new setup with the help

10LL andy visage with open soc
p windforce
lionheart in a boneweave
cat's eye
7 LL nosferatu
upped waterwalks
laying of hands
raven frost
rare 8LL high lvl ring

dex - 320
dmg - 185-2485
strafe, penetrate, valk - 22
pierce - 18

i refuse to give up my waterwalks for wartravs
any more suggestions so i can do more dmg/perform better?