Zerker-Smiterdin possibility?


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Zerker-Smiterdin possibility?

I have read Jordy's excellent Relinquisher guide and am wondering if a zerker-smiterdin viable as a hybrid?


Max Fan
Max Blessed Aim
Max Holyshield
Max Smite


'Passion' Caddy with +3 holyshield,smite,zeal,etc?
Upped Vipermagi/Guardian Angel/Fort?
'Spirit' in 45res all Sacred Targe/Kurast

Just to confirm if i use dracs and smite causing life tap to cast - would i then be able to leech with berserk or smite for that matter? I like the idea of monsters in stun animation and being sitting ducks while you zerk them and safety is increased too with 0 def - what you guys think?


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good idea :)

Smite and berserk will trigger lifetap, but only smite will leech life.
I think it viable and very fun to play :D

-jordy :king:


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Thanks for the confirmation Jordy! Have to reorganise resources from mules and get this project off soon :D


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cheap enough guy to build, thats for sure. I would also consider looking into a couple of points conversion for temporary tanks along side of you. couple smites, one or two converts, and zerk the rest to death. Could be very very fun. However, I would use a zerker or something with much higher damage than caddy for passion. the damage will most assuredly help and its very cheap to make.



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Well, I was digging in threads till I find this one... this build seems very fun to play.

How about 25% chance monster to flee and hit blind target? Will that trigger with smite/zerk? If yes, it would override life tap curse...


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Aha i have a bash-stun warcry barb and he uses Rattlecage mainly for its crushing blow and it too has 'chance monster flee' but since a typical battle sequence plays out like this :

1)Approach pack and warcry
2)Attack with stun
3)Free pokes by might merc
3)Finish off with bash
Rinse and repeat

Fleeing monsters? They can't flee cos they are either stunned by warcry or stun hehe. Same thing for this build as lvl 20 smite has 4.4s stun length and i dun see diminishing returns so smite-->target stunned--->zerk--->lifetap casts-->smite to leech :p What you said is true about lifetap being overidden by flee/blind but dracs : lvl 10 lifetap which gives 8.6 yards radius. Chance to flee/blind is not a function of radius but a single target so most likely nearby baddies would be lifetaped too:p To minimize the risk of lifetap being overriden then might or holy freeze merc shouln't be equipped with Reaper Toll's in this case and a eth 'Crescent Moon' Ogre/Cryptic Axe for static would be nice :D I agree that adding Conversion into the mix increases fun factor too and there are spare points anyway hehe


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Hey i just checked gear choices and this kind of pally really doesn't need godly gear and poor/newer players could make a fun non cookie cutter pally with these items:

Shako (+2/dr/life/mana)
Shaft (dr/life)
Spirit Elite shield (+2/resists/fhr)
Highlords (+1)
Srting of ears (dr)

A quick look at AS for the details of beserk skill:

Lvl 1 berserk : 100%AR
150% Magic Dmg

Above set up:

Lvl 6 beserk : 175%AR (!)
225% Magic Dmg (!)

Those items could be had for 20-30 pgems lol Ok total 50 for lem in Passion weapon :p