Zealot Weapon of choice


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Zealot Weapon of choice

Okay, i just started a new character (because i didn't like my assassin and my werewolf needs a better weapon) and it just so happens to be a Paladin. What i want to know is that, for a zealot, would it be a choice of using a pole arm type weapon? I just found some magical pole arm type weapon with my wolf and when i equipped him with it my hit rate went from 1800~ to 8900~. The damage is decent if i use it in normal but i don't know about nightmare and hell (around 170 max damage). So i started to think that maybe a pole arm type would be nice to put on my zealot (who's only level 14 right now). I'm not too sure and so that's why i'm asking about it.

Should i stick with a one handed/two handed sword/mace or what?
please give me something i can think about (just not something too difficult to think about because finals are coming). :clap:


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you should try to stick with a one hand weapon and shield because holy shield is what keeps you alive half the time in the game. lol

edit: also, zeal increases your attack rating so you dont really need to worry about that too much.


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what about armor then?

okay, one handed weapon and a shield...i'll use those.
what about armor? would it be better to have something light weight decent defense or just use a heavy weight high defense?
i was looking around online and i see two that caught my eye. It was Templar's Might & Tyrael's Might (i'm playing ladder).

Tyrael's Might
Defense: 1322-1502
Req Strength: none
Type: Medium
Req Level: 84
+120-150% Enhanced Defense
+50-100% Damage to Demons
20% Faster Run/Walk
+20-30 to Strength
+20-30 to all Resistances
Cannot be Frozen
-100% Requirements
Slain Monsters Rest in Peace

Templar's Might
Defense: 1622-1923
Durability: 60
Req Strength: 232
Type: Medium
Req Level: 74
+170-220% Enhanced Defense
+250-300 Defense vs. Missile
+10-15 to Strength
+10-15 to Vitality
20% Faster Hit Recovery
+40-50 Maximum Stamina
+1-2 to Offensive Auras (Paladin only)

the +1-2 offensive auras look nice but the other one says it doesn't require strength! The chances of me finding one of these are pretty damn rare but still! If i were to come across both of them, which would be a better choice? Or is there another option that i'm not seeing?


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both those armors are such expensive ones. They are not worth the price.
If you are up to expensive, or semi-expensive, go for the Chains of Honor runeword, or fortitude runeword (ladder only). Both are far better than the ones you mentioned talking about every mod except the defense ;)
Cheap options are as always shaftstop, gladiators bane etc.


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Go Fortitude. Use CoH only if you really need resists.

As far as using a polearm...I think it'd be an interesting build to try. Only concern is IAS, being no pally can ever seem to get faster than a "normal" attack speed from them. I've wanted to do this ever since seeing a crusader using a BotD warpike in action.


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both the armors you mentioned are very expensive, especially tyreal's might since its one of the rarest items in diablo 2. Thats not an item you can get easily.


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For my dream set up woudl be this
helm-kiria's or deluim
wep - famine or heaven light
armor- foh
shield- sancutary
boots - gore rider (dont really worry about)
belt- string o ears
gloves- dracs or soul drainor
rings- carrion wind /raven frost
ammy- cresent moon/ 3+ skills leach
well there is my dream set up
happy hunting ;)
it ma be crack pot but its my home grow crack


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i would definitely recommend a high damage one-handed sword, for a non-expensive one i would recommend a mid-ed eth crytic/conquest Oath, the ias doesn't really matter much since you should have fant aura

if your making another kind of zealot, such as frostadin or tesladin, then i'd recommend you with something faster, such as a grief phase blade

i just made a frostadin yesterday and my following setup is this:

helm: dream demonhead(switch to COA when i get to the lvl req)
weap: grief 38/390
shield: hoz
armor: arch fort
ammy: seraphs
ring: raven/dual leech(i use a cgrip, and no its not the nl version)
gloves: rends/laying of hand(for boss purposes)
belt: verdungos
boots: gores

you can also make a fant zealer with this setup, and he'll own more with this really high ias and mass amount of dmg, but its just more fun to see monsters freeze to death before you even reach them :)