Zealot hits lvl96!


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Hey guys,

My zealot just hit 96! Since my return I set a goal to farm Travincal and Durance of hate lvl 3 for high runes till he gets that extra level. However, I was literally not gaining any experience and with garbage drops I quickly gave up and moved mostly to Baal runs. It was a very long and tiring procedure but that goal kept me motivated and I was rushing Baal constantly till I get that level.

My char has 0 MF as his gear is for pure damage and rune hunting so most of the journey wasn't pleasant since drops were quite bad. Anyway, I feel so relieved that I managed to get him here and I doubt I will keep leveling him. Can't really imagine what you are going through for 99.

As for drops I acquired tons of Gems and socketed items. Not any unique worth mentioning though.
For Runes , I got:
x1 Mal
x1 Ist
x1 Vex
x1 Ohm

Here are some pictures!

Ist.jpg Mal.jpg Ohm.jpg Vex.jpg
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Farming with my pure Fire Sorcy right now again for runes till she gets an extra level, level 94.
One of my favorite places to farm with her are the caves in Act5 and the deeper caves within those caves (Icy Cellar, Drifter Cavern, Frozen river). It's quite refreshing to farm at those areas.


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There were 2 packs of minions and both of the bosses were immune to physical!

That's a very good idea! Thanks a lot!


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... and neither were cursed which would be even worse! But I really like facing them. When a map spawns them I usually explore the whole area to face as many as possible!