zealot build (help make it better plz)


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zealot build (help make it better plz)

Hi everybody. Im currently working on a zealot using the fanatacism aura but im a bit stuck. I want the best build i can get out of this.


dream helmet with perfect resists
last wish berserker axe Or death berserker axe Or something else
highlords wrath amulet
gore riders boots
chains of honor armor
draculs grasp gloves
exile kurast shield (+43 resi)
ravenfrost ring
bulkathos ring
annihilus charm
+ resistance charms
+ life charms
offensive skillers

Im stuck for what weapon to use here. Theres just so many choices out there and im lookin for the very very best. At the moment the last wish runeword seems to be the best but im not sure if i should dish out all my hard earned items for it. On switch i will probabley have a 2 socketed heavens light socketed with 2 eth runes for taking care of bosses (depending on my ar with last wish) and a HoZ because most bosses deal out elemental damage.


20 sacrifice
20 lightning resist (to boost holy shock aura from dream helmet)
20 holy shield
20 zeal (maybe more depending on my ar)
20 fanatacism (my main aura)
1 vengeance (for taking care of physical immunes)
1 in all the 1 point wonders (7 in total i think)


str enough for equipment
dex enough for max block with holy shield
vit everything thats spare
nrg nothing

I think this is probabley the build that i'll be using but it can be better, right?

If you have any suggestions then please share your thoughts. I need weapon suggestions really, i can afford whatevers out there btw. And another question. Is Last wish really worth the cost? And is there a cheaper, or even better alternative out there?

Thanks, Jason


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It maters what your defense and ar is but pumping lit resist probaly wont be worth it. As far as ladder griefs pretty good , And botd zerks even better.
If you're going to use an Exile shield, then there is little point in using Dracul's Grasp. I would use Laying of Hands or a nice pair of crafted gloves.


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But doesnt the % ctc of draculs grasp and exile stack? Or does it have % ctc from draculs and then a seperate % ctc from exile?

And why not max lightning restist. It gives a 240% damaqe increase to the holy shock aura. If im correct then this will give me an extra 1555 damage instead of 648 which i would have without maxing lightning resist giving me a total of 2203 lightning damage. Plus the points dont need to be spent elsewhere.


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Yes they do stack...but I think one source of CTC Lifetap is plenty...and I think Tiberrius has the same opinion...

I'd max the lightning resist aura...It's not like there's a lot of better options for your points...maybe Cheesypotatoes doesn't know that Lightning Resist is a synergy for Holy Shock...


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If it does stack then i'll keep the draculs grasp just for a better chance to cast life tap. And theyre perfect stats, i dont need any ias or anything so i might as well go ahead with draculs grasp. I will consider laying of hands however because of the damage to demons (350%, u cant go wrong there).

Thanks for input so far, but still no changes made :(

i need weapon suggestions now please, and botd zerker is a very nice weapon, if i can get a high % ed one.