Zealot advice


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Zealot advice

I Have started a new Zealot and it is my first time into the Paladin class. With plenty of Sorcs and Necros under my belt, I wanted to try a class that can run in and take on the world. I love it so far. :) He's lvl 76 and has zeal and fanaticism maxed. Almost maxed Sacrifice and 10 pts in holy shield. 1 pt into most of the other auras.

I have been able to suit him up pretty well, mostly from MF runs with my sorc. I have few questions reguarding his gear though.

Armor - Currently using guardian angel templar coat. Is there an upgrade to this? I have CoH and was wondering if this is better. It seems better but i love having 90 to all resists. I have not started hell yet, so that will go away soon.

Weapon - my biggest question. I have a schaefer's but there are a lot of runewords to pick from too. Aside from BoTD, what is another runeword you would recommend? Doom looks good as does Famine. Can you have two auras active at once say HF from doom and fanaticism?

Here's my current setup:
Highlords ammy
Guardian angel
rare ring with resists
HoZ w/pdiamond
Dracul's grasp

Stick with Schaefer's and socket it with a shael? Stick with redeemer? Go for a runeword? Any better choices for my current gear? Any help from a veteran would be greatly appreciated.


Non ladder btw.


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i assume this is PVM

i think you may have wasted some points in the other auras - dont know how many you chose to invest in but when you are being a true zealot outside of the obvious: zeal, sacrifice, fantatiscm, holyshield and defiance there is little that you need to invest in heavily. 1 pt into vengance, perhaps 1 in vigor, cleansing conviction or in blessed aim if you need the AR.

since you are using draculs grasp you dont need to worry about switching away from GA. I know its tough to move from 90 to 75 but with decent LL and draculs life tap you will be pretty tough to take down even against monsters who deal high elemetal damage. I have draculs and my resists are at 75 and gloams and the like are not a problem for me.

yes your auras can stack if you receive one from a runeword weapon (doom) or shield (exile).

you could look at stormlash - i think its a great weapon for zealots outside of the obvious rune word weapons.

also, dont know what belt you are using but you should look into getting string or verdungo's. you dont look to have much DR and you need that in hell when you get swarmed.

i would also think about switching off the steal skull - you dont have a magic find charcter so its MF is wasted and look for a Vamp gaze - again to increase your DR.

another item that has helped me a lot is dwarstar... especially for the fire absorb....you can take off your resist ring and get the resists back in the form of charms.


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i think u should have alot offyour answers covered by B here... for weapon use i would go with a eth beserker axe BotD (i know, everybody does but its the best around IMO) i use this on my lvl 92 zealot and it works better then i could have thought... i u can afford it go with a stormlash or a famine runeword in a zerker axe..(cause of his range and base speed)

for end-game armor i would strongly suggest the Chains of Honor.. if u like high res get yourself a exile shield (make the runeword in a pally shield with + all res) this gives u +5 iirc to max fire and cold and you could invest some in the res aura's.. remember that 2 points in such an aura give you +1 max to that resitance...i have spend 10 points in the lightning aura so i can have a max of 90 in hell, combined with the +10 to max off thundergods..

good luck with your zealot


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I do a smealot//ranger that has been doing realy nicely. And I see that you have been given some good addvice. If you want a good resist all sheild use some thing like a santuary mine has like around 95% and some can go even higher. Not only that but slow missle can be realy help full at times. What I teach other members of my clan. When they make a zealot is to make shure you get at least these things from your items. 75% resist all in hell, 50% dr, second break point for hit recovery 50% don't realy know if it i 45% or 48%, as much damage as you can get, 4 fps zeal, max block rate witch is 75%, and a good amount of deady strike. The sword you have is just fine.


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Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I do actually have string for a belt but I had forgotten to mention it. I'll go ahead and swap my helm with a gaze and use the dwarfstar. I tried my CoH last night and you are right about not missing the 90 to all res. It seems that most enemies are demons and undead so it adds tons of damage.

Would an exile be beter than HoZ? It has nice mods and all, but the + to skills on HoZ makes it look like a better choice. Resists are not a problem as I currently have 75/63/75/75.

What would be another good runeword weapon aside from BotD?

This is all PvM btw.