Zealot 1pt smiter, Mercs!


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Zealot 1pt smiter, Mercs!

Okay, so. What do I do?

First of all I'm making this paladin to kill the ubers, so I don't really know if a merc can really survive ubertrist or whatnot.

These are some ideas

Act 1 Fire merc with Ice bow
Act 1 cold merc with Brand bow

Act 2 Might

Act 2 Holy Freeze

Act 2 Blessed Aim

Anyone have any suggestions? Or tips?


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Also, what are the efffects of redemption on a merc?

Or an act 3 Auradin merc?

can mercs do sufficient damage as an auradain?

Dragon armor
Dream Helm
dream shield
And to survive a Phoenix sword?

I read somewhere that you can only havew 2 auras, i'm just hoping that isn't true.


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A merc is not really necessary if you have a well equipped Smiter or Zealot/Hammerdin using Smite. However, if you want to bring your merc along and give him a chance at survival, he's going to need some high-end gear and loads of stacked resists. I would use an Act 2 might merc for the aura.

Here are a few options using an Act 2 Merc:

Armor: Eth Glitched CoH
Helm: Kira's socketed with Ber or IAS/ed% jewel
Weapon: Obediance/Inifinty/Eth Upped Hone Sundan

Armor: Eth Glitched CoH
Helm: Vamp Gaze (ideally eth) socketed with Cham
Weapon: Tomb Reaver with at least 2os (ideally eth) socket with 2+ Bers

Armor: Eth Glitched CoH
Helm: Guillame's socketed with Cham
Weapon: Tomb Reaver with at least 2os (ideally eth) socket with some combo of Shael/IAS jewels/Bers

....and to answer your question on auras, there is no limit to the number of active auras you can have except as dictated by the gear you can equip.