Zealer or WW barb for killing boss


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Zealer or WW barb for killing boss

Which is better for killing hell baal? Zeal seems to do more dmg to single target monsters. And stuff like atmas scarab(chance to cast amp dmg) doesnt seem to work with ww.


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depends on whichever one you have higher ar with. ignore target's defense mod doesn't work on bosses. in both cases, when i tried, i get around 30-40% chance to hit on both zeal and ww because i rarely use ar eq nor raise zeal/ww to 20 for skill ar. also, for both chars, dex is never above 120 either.

[edit] reading what i just wrote: barbs have been nerfed down so close to pally's it sickens me.


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WW I'd imagine. Throw on a Laying of Hands with an IK maul and you'll cut down an act boss in no time. ;)


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Versus act bosses like Baal, it's not a matter of damage, but a matter of how often you can trigger a crushing blow. The problem with WW and Baal is that you constantly run out of mana. I'm not a friend of drinking potions all the time, so that might be a problem just for me.

My IK barb (40% CB from IK maul) needs far longer to kill Baal than my fana-zeal paladin (15% CB from Goreriders). The barb normally whirls if he has enough mana (more hits -> more CB), else he uses conc, while my paladin uses smite (always hits) to bring him down to a sliver (making short switches to zeal to fill up mana) and then finishes him off with zeal.


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build a crushing blow zealot

gores, duress, guillems face, LOH or dracs for gloves, ravenfrost and some dual leech ring.

if you have a stormlash then use that constantly, if not make a crescent moon rw to have on switch. Start off with the crescent moon for the static then switch to you primary weapon. Bye bye boss.