Zealer help


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Zealer help

Alright...I know that there is a post like every 2 days with people asking for help with their zealer but im kinda confused. I get beat by about 75% of the other zealers but my equip is pretty good. I wear:
Eth. Arkaines Armor (2k defense)
CoA (80/30)
Eth Exile (800 defense 16 defiance)
Eth Treks (14/15)
Verdungos (35 vit, 14 dr)
Angelic rings/ammy

I got 1.5k life, 13k AR (how to get higher?) and 30k defense

Any help would be appreciate!


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what are your skills?
if you have maxed zeal, sacrifice, holy shield and fana you can put points in blessed aim wich gives 5% passive AR per lvl, and you can also equip zaka wich gives some AR and some charms with AR..



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hihi to be honest even 30 % DR in melee duels is not enough get storm + guiliamus helm swap ur treks for gore etc make more DS and OW make sure u have 45% + DR



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Swap the boots for goreriders. If you want more AR, try using AR/life or max/AR sc. Or even better max/ar/life charms.


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There is 2 posts / day about zealots mag but that isnt ur question right? :D.
my tips to u would be (after looking at your Equipment):
1. Try out stone runeword, it gives tons of fhr and some life, str etc
2. Death cleaver would be nice if u tried it to.
3. Try socketing CoA with maybe 2 bers or something if u got the wealth this will boost ur dmg.
4. Switch to gore riders!
5. try out some other gloves, my zealot had steelrends and i ddint like em.