zealer equip q.

Tim B

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zealer equip q.

i've been playing online for a month or so now, and have made a rather neat frost zealot, he can kill any enemy, and solo hel quite comfortably and is fun to use and most importantly looks cool as f....

the one thing he can't do is kill other players. so i'm gonna build a fana zealot, i plan on recycling most of my equipments, but there are few things i'd apreciate help with. i'll list my current frosry equip.

helm- guilluame's/pdiamond- plan on still using this

body armour- upped guardian angel/12res-all jewel- i like this, but amopen to other suggestions.

belt- verdungu's- kepeping this i think

gloves- curently draculs- problably use magnus' skin. other sugestions welcome

boots- gores- keeping them.

shield- using HoZ- have a storm, its came socketed with a shael, is the extra block rate necessary?(i've never known how to spell that word)

amu- currently highlords- considering angelic

rings- raven and carrion- like to keep raven for cbf angelic for ar?

finally the weapon- using stormlash/eth rune- not convinced this is best for pvp- am consider baranars for ar + ele damage, i have 1sock haevens light/shael, could possibly to get a dcleaver, botd is out of the question.

help apreciated thx.


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Well looking at ur eq i know u need some Dr%! so go for storm if u dont want to change ur whole setup and ber stuff :).
btw there are 3 kinds of Fana zealot's:
Deadlystrike Zealot
Rawpower Zealot
Openwounds Zealot.

Dc is often more expensive then botd (when its eth with zod in it) but i dont know the price of normal ones.

For bm Duel's goo Dracul's, For Gm Duels, go for magnus if ur gonna use guillames.
Armor should be a high def with some res if u dont got full allready since block, Resists and DEFENCE is your biggest resource's.
If u want a totally new setup that is a bit expensive (requires 2 ber's coa etc) but since botd is out of the question then 2 ber's wont go either? :).

for helm i think that u might want to try out shako and CoA too (if u can wear CoA) since CoA is one of the best helmes i ever saw (+1 skills, 2 socket's, %Dr and resists + huge def) it requires a bit of str though.

Tim B

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thanks for reply. i always intended using the storm and verdungus for dr, sry wasn't very clear in my question.

my biggest problem is the weapon, would a non-eth dcleaver with ed jewel(i have 35ed 7max d laying around, i understand these are a bit buggy) be feasable?


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Couldn't edit for some odd reason :rolleyes:

EDmg/Max is NOT bugged on weapons, only armours. So it would work.


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I just played a fanat zealot through a pvp tourny in the single player forum where there are no haxors, and still didn't do that good with a DC. You will have to use angelics against melee, maybe 2 angelic rings and get your CBF from trangs belt, that should put your AR into the 20k range, then you would need to go with shako to get more DR though, but you don't really need the DS from guiliames with DC and goreriders. I would socket a shael in the shako, and go with an eth stone as your armor, then you will hit the 78%FHR breakpoint, and should have around a 25k defense.

note I have never played on bnet, so i don't know what you expect to face alot, but i have dueled quite a bit with a fanat zealot. I don't have a COA yet, and i am not holding my breath for one to drop, but since you play on bnet you should be able to trade for one of those, and you will need a way to hit that 4 frame attack without the highlords, and a IAS jewel in the helm is a way to get that

right now i am using steelrends as my gloves, but i think i might change those out for something else, i am not sure what yet though, in our duels in the SPF everything with lifetap is banned so i have never used draculs in pvp

Tim B

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is baranars a good option? i could reach the the 4fps break pt with highlords and and orphans gloves. it has 200% bonus to ar, strength and dex, ele damage and the biggest plus is i have one in my stash.


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nah, about the worst weapon you want to go with for pvp i would say is az, and that is far below the quality of DC even, I am unfamiliar with the Bnet runewords, but I am sure that with all the duped runes you should be able to get a good runeword, nords is probably better than baranars even and just as easy to find.