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zeal/smite din

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by pliu, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. pliu

    pliu Banned

    Jan 2, 2004
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    zeal/smite din

    Lvl 89 zeal/smite
    Sacrifice: 20
    Zeal: 20
    Holy Bolt: 1
    Blessed Hammer: 1
    Smite: 14
    Charge: 1
    Holy Shield: 20
    Might: 1
    Blessed Aim: 1
    Concentration: 1
    Fanaticism: 20
    Total = 100

    Goal at lvl 99 Smite:20

    Weapon: Grief phase blade(+371)
    Helm: Guillaume’s face
    Boot: gore rider
    Glove: dracul
    Armor: DS Fortitude.(+1.5/28 about 1370 def)
    Belt:ik belt
    Shield: P Diamond Upgrade HoZ
    Amulet:Highlord's Wrath
    Ring: Ravenfrost+ Dwarf Star
    anni charm

    Switch weapon/shield Azur+3 P Diamond Gris Shield.

    1500 Life
    75% Block
    75/75/80/75% res at Hell

    This pal is a Zealot , I just decide to put extra point to smite
    Is this good for PvM?
    Are the 14+ points in smite a waste?
    Is that anyway handling PI without Azure in switch?
    Display damage for zeal/smite is wrong when use Grief. Anyone know real damage for this pal?
  2. safetypro

    safetypro IncGamers Member

    Jan 26, 2006
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    Good for PvM - absolutely
    14+ points a waste - unfortunately yes. 1 point into smite would have been adequate allowing you to spend points elsewhere such as defiance and salvation.
    PIs without Azurewrath - sure, lotsa good choices here, gimmershred, baranar's star, Lightsabre, anything with lots of elemental or magic damage.
    Damage display - There is a plus damage calculator in the downloads sections of (try that).
    Hope this helps:)

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