Ysuol's trade bazaar


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Tal Rasha amulet

For trade
Natalya helm, armour, boots
Griswold armour
Trang gloves

Andy visage 10ll 26str 325def
Dwarf star
Facet 4/-5 poison
Facet 4/-3 Fire
Stormshield monarch
Blackthorn's Face 200ed, 189ed
Sandstorm Trek 10/14
Bartuc 170ed
Lightsabre 187ed 16cl
Kuko Shakaku 172ed
Vipermagi serpentskin armor 27res
Snowclash battle belt
Leviathan kraken shell 175/123/40

Druid amulet 3 elemental skills +7 str
Asassin amulet +3 traps

Barb combat skill gc
Sorc fire skill gc

A few armor/weapon socket, and Spirit rune packs

4os great hauberk 491def
4os scarab husk 458def

3os hellforge plate 529def
3os wyrmhide 389def

0os superior wire fleece 539 def 12ed

0os kraken shell 507def
0os great hauberk 480def
0os great hauberk 471def
0os dusk shroud 446def
0os scarab husk 433def
0os dusk shroud 400def
0os mage plate 234 def

5os flail
3os flail
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I have several ravenfrost for some reason.

I'm interested in your 20 res vipermagi and your 40 mf travs.

My sorc cannot get up and running this ladder. Regardless, if you need those items for other trades, you can just have one of my ravens.

I should be on some tomorrow.


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Hmm, if you say you have several, would you be willing to part with 2 of them for the 2 items you want? All of a sudden I realized I could use one for my smiter AND my bowazon I'm just preparing while I got really sick of Mephisto. :) I _think_ value wise you should still be ok, as long as they're not too good (I'm great with your 2 worst) the 20 vipermagi is a shame really but the 40wt decent.


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How many pgems you want for 2os scarab?
Is Ko enough for Moser shield?
I am trying to understand what are things worth but it's hard. Mainly minimum worth for me is decided by the work it takes to picking it up and muleing it. :)
I would like to get a couple of item rolls for it (so say 6 gems, can be pskull), if it's worth that much to you. Alternatively a spirit pack can do it as well. Or, say, a Lum (anything below Lum is just too common, IO being NM countess special drop iirc). Let me know if any such route is viable to you.
Ko is good for Mosers.

If any of these are ok for you you can just either send through mule or PM me with about it and I will send to you. If not feel free to discuss, ultimately it is important that we all get some stuff we can use somehow.


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Sounds good. I will exchange some PGems for a Lem rune and will be ready to trade in the next few days :)
Would be great for either of us to set up a mule trade.


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Hi Ysuol,

Would 12 PGems work for the items below?

Tal Helm



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hello, prices please for 0os superior wire fleece 539 def 12ed and 0os superior wire fleece 539 def 12ed?


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Hard to pinpoint a price, since these can't be socketed in cube it's 4 socket only afaik (which makes it a lot less worth than 3 sockets i suppose), although it's a perfect base roll also only 12% ed instead of 15. :) at this point I'd settle for say Fal or 3 PG?
Also, I'm not sure which other armour you meant since you mentioned the same twice.


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ah, right, cube recipe doesn't work on superior items. damn, you're right. I wanted it for cube :D . anyway, thank you for the fast reply.

the other item was the great hauberk with similar stats.