Youtuber on diablo 2 LOD new necro summoner build 2016


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Hey everyone I'm a youtuber in the process of recording my first season for YouTube, I've played off and on for most my life so I'm fairly experienced though I have very little experience online, I've been playing as a summoning necromancer single player and have just been playing off a basic idea for a class setup but I've been looking into a new setup and I've worked out what I think would be a good class setup but I'd like to hear this forums thoughts being that this forum seems to have a good response rate.

Well this is my class setup that I made going off of what's in my official strategy guide book and off of what has been said here and else where if I made a mistake or you disagree with my setup please let me know why and I'll tell u why I went that route.

Skeleton mastery: 20
Raise skeleton:20
Clay golem:1
Golem mastery:10
Skeletal mage:20
Blood golem:10
Summon resist:9
Iron golem:1
Fire golem:1

Bone armor: 1
Bone wall:1
Bone prison:1

Amp damage:1
Dim vision:1
Iron maiden:1


Just enough for equipment and enough to cast spells without equipment and the rest into vitality

Eventually full trang and a weapon with beast on it and anything else that works the best. I don't need enigma I plan to get an amulet with teleport charges although if I could get enigma on trangs that would be awesome.

For my merc idr what I wanted but a couple items that add auras and probably act 2 merc.

This is a LOD character setup

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I think Blood Golem is not particularly useful since they patch out some sort of exploit with the Iron Maiden curse. Clay Golem is a better choice since it can slow enemies and you don't have to put points in any of the other golems.

If you want to use Skeletal mages then you should put some points in the Lower Resist curse as well. There are plenty of elemental immune monsters in Hell.

Personally I prefer the Fishymancer build which makes heavy use of Corpse Explosion:,_by_Nightfish

Good luck! :)


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Ok I've worked out a new equipment setup.

Heart of oak
Call to arms on switch
Carrion wind ring
(Wisp projector or stone of Jordan) ring
Mara's kaleidoscope ammy
Trang-ouls claws
Arachnid mesh
If I find it then I'd use homunculus or dark force if it has good enough stat rolls

Kelpie snare if insight isn't available, maybe doom
Harlequin crest for if dream is unavailable


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Blood golem is useful again now that they have patched out the negative health drain when attacked, now its completely positive benefit like the other golems.


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As I see it clay and blood golem are just limited extensions of the curses decrepify and life tap, people say use clay to slow down bosses, well I've used blood golem and decrep on baal and he was slowed down enough that he couldn't even attack, I also think I had cold mages or at least one but I'm not sure, either way it proved clay golem isn't necessary plus I get healed in the process which I can't get if I use clay and life tap unless I attack and that's just not smart for a summoner, and if I use blood golem not only do I get healed but decrep also, if I remember right it also weakens monsters in some way I don't remember how exactly. Plus I get an auto healing tank which at level 20 I believe receives +400% health. Add onto that a prayer merc and u have a golem that would make deadpool proud XD

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