You're a wizard, Pally


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You're a wizard, Pally

I'm really interested in three items. Dream Helm, Dragonscale, and Frostwind. That would give me damage of all three elements. Now, I know the skills themselves don't do much damage, but i really want to try and find a way to utilize them in the same build.

Basically, my goal is to add up smaller bits of damage to create a lot of damage. I know killing will be slow, but after 10 seconds, i can have 5 hydras out each dishing out bolts for 2 seconds.

Hydra: I'd get this up to about level 19, and with ormus and dragonscale's bonuses, each hydra will dish out 145-174 damage before conviction.

Arctic Blast: I'd have this at about level 21. With ormus, it will do 147-159 damage per second. But the main aspect is slowing everything on screen for 16 seconds. This is my spam spell.

Holy Shock Pulse: This is from dream helm, and with ormus the pulse damage will do 3-422 damage per pulse. I like this because it hits every monster on screen.

So, where else can i get damage from? I thought of FoH, but the
timer and hydra's timer dont seem like they'd be a good fit together.

Other items i thought of were marrowalks for the bone prison, and reaper's toll on merc for extra slowing potential with decrepify.

And please know that i know this is never going to be that good, but i would love to come up with a build that can get through hell. And the good thing is i will have tons of life, max block, very high defense, and maxed resists, so i will be a very good tank.


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I basically need some form of damage to help with my killing. I can spam arctic blast from frostwind, cast hydras fromd dragonscale every two seconds, and have pulse damage from dream helm.


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I think i came up with a great idea. Rift on merc gives:

16% chance to cast lvl 21 frozen orb on ATTACK. So thats every 6.25 swings he would be setting off frozen orb. And level 21 frozen orb does some pretty nie damage, combined with -150% cold res from conviction. and this would let me stray away from frost wind.

For merc armor, dragon looks good because:

20% Chance to Cast Level 18 Venom When Struck
12% Chance To Cast Level 15 Hydra On Striking
Level 14 Holy Fire Aura When Equipped

That gives more hydras, and gives him poison damage.

for merc helm:

Vamp needed for life leech.

I was thinking for me, switch out frostwind for 6 os phase blade with 6 5/5 fire facets. Use trangs gloves and belt. Be a fireballer/hydra/pulse-a-din with a act 2 chance to cast mercenary.


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You could stack some Holy Fire for yourself with Hand of Justice + Dragon. Gives for decent pulse damage. I *think* Dragonscale's Fire Damage bonus will help you out as well.

Von Lazuli

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Mind you, a spirit sword (or Hoto) will help your skills a similiar amount as well as providing cast rate...