Your personal Top3 Diablo hardcore players ever!

Dad Daniel

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Your personal Top3 Diablo hardcore players ever!

In all LOD hardcore realms there are significant persons, giving noble examples to us - the ordinary players. Everyone of us knows by its own experience skilled players, making this game a true art of the human creativity. Some of them are fearsome duelers, other great MF hunters, third - great traders, and etc.
Please, list down here your personal "TOP3 - forever best hardcore players" with short description of their legendary deeds.



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Well, I'm just going by my friends here:
Aaron: Awesome pkker
Kime: One of the best duelers I know
I'll also toss Baranor a vote, a very fine and creative dueler.


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Matt said:
Well, I'm just going by my friends here:
Aaron: Awesome pkker
Kime: One of the best duelers I know
I'll also toss Baranor a vote, a very fine and creative dueler.

awww Much Wub Matt!

Much Wub to you too Aerath, no hard feelings from the last silly thread i was just clearing up any misunderstandings ahead of time ;)

my #1 vote would go to Plip, or Phil or *enigma[x] on East as you could give him a class, lvl and a weapon and say "build me a dueler" and he could make one that works. He's not a forum guy but was on market. Most ppl dont know phil because he will kill ya with a char wearing sigons and you'll never know it was him :)

#2 kime (helz)....why the hell not ;)

#3 matt ... its hard enough for anyone to get any kind of kills these days and matts still puttin up ears high and low.

honorable mention to hakka and dacy, although their methods were not always encouraged, they knew how to build a pvp char to its potential.

Also to anyone who was part of KpA, for as long as it was possible challenged pk's both legit and non and stood up for the little guy ;)




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Here are my picks:
Nightfish (so many guardians)
Alter Ego (many interesting HC chars + one of the SPF moderators)
Baranor (very enjoyable PK stories)


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I'm not going to make a list as PvM takes a little knowledge and a lot of time combined with an incredibly small amount of talent, and besides, I'm convinced that all the best PvM HC players are from this forum anyways so why bother ranking them? Oh, and I tend to avoid dueling so I don't have authority to speak there -.-

I will however give special acknowledgement to pUre-warrior in this thread.
Why acknowledge a no life hack user who died constantly in season 1? Because I'd like to see you lose as many 95+ characters as he did and keep shooting for 99 despite being the biggest joke on ehcl for a period of time =p


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In no order:
Squee - Patience. Having lost so many maulers in HC SP and kept playing them when he started online. (he kept losing them) Heh.
Kadrom - Humor. For always making the entire game laugh over his latest love escapades.
Wizz - Devotion. Destroyed his screen in frustation when he lost his first level 90+ char. (I was there, at a LAN) :-D

Not from the forum, haven't had the pleasure to play HC with anyone from here. ;)

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xeyloderixed said:
omg let's do it

*takes off pants*
::throws a blanket over xeyloderixeds intimate parts::

OK, now that that's settled, I vote for nobody, because I've met soooo many nice people over the years here and on the forum, I can't decide who deserve to be top3 :)



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back on topic:

#1 goes to me, because i'm DROP DEAD SECKSAY. no lies.
#2 goes to mouse, because he baaled to 97 while dropping every single game. that, my friends, is patience
#3 goes to pure, because of what mouse said.

honorable mentions:
(1) herald of doom, because of the blanket
(2) ROK420 because he has died at 98, 98, 97, 96 and he still keeps going (im sure there are plenty more deaths past 95, these are just the ones i remember)

and a shout out to all forum goers. because they are all secksay (but there can only be one DROP DEAD SECKSAY, so sorry guys)


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1.) Everyone who puts up with Still-Xey-Lover on a regular basis
2.) Baranor for opening a new world of PvP to me
3.) SonOf-Rah for knowing something about damn near everything



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- Son of Rah is a darn good choice.
- Khell, for pure entertainment value
- The Great Booyaka - the original leapfrog barb (not a forumer)

by the way, howdy all, just stopped through after reinstalling and leveling a barb to 7. It's been a year since I've played a game or posted here, but howdy to all the old farts I know and the new farts I don't :D