Your Perfect Zealer Pally


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Your Perfect Zealer Pally

Hey guys I was just thinking about making a zealer pally and I was hoping to see some or hear some nice builds can you please post them Non-Ladder please! aswell go all out.


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Go all out ?? That would mean that even ladder items are available on NL too, just a hell lot more expensive.

Ok my "ideal" PvM Pure Zealot Pally.

lvl82 Zealot pala.

Weapon 1: Perfect "Death" (400%ED) Eth Berserker Axe (50% CB, 41% DS)
Shield 1: Perfect 45 resist Eth bugged "Exile" Zakarum Shield (zaks look cooler !)
Helm: Guilimare's face with socketed 40/15 (15% IAS, 35% CB , 15% DS)
Glove: Laying of Hands (20% ias)
Belt: Nos coil. (10% IAS)
Amulet: Highlords wrath. (20% IAS, 30% DS)
Boots: Goreriders (15% CB, 15% DS)
Armor: Perfect "Fortitude" Archon Plate
Rings: 2x ravenfrost or 1 ravenfrost and some uber craft.

10x shimmering SCs of vita/Inertia
Annihilus SC perfect
20/20 Pally Hellfire Torch.

Modifiers: 100% Deadly Strike, 100% Crushing Blow, 10% Open Wounds. 25% chance to cast Glacial Spike on attack That is alot of frozen non cold immunes there which is wonderful for crowd control.


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Not bad Bladewind, but here's my 2 cents:)

Max Zeal, Fanatism, Holy Shield, Sacrifice (synergy to Zeal), 1 point in Salvation and rest in prerequisites and Defiance (synergy to Holy Shield)

110 str (Tgods)
116 dex (+20 from ravenfrost = phase blade requirement and more than enough for max block with holy shield)
rest in vitality

Weapon: Last Wish Phase Blade (+3 Heaven's Light on Switch)
Shield: Exile eth Kurast Shield (Herald of Zakarum on Switch) (that's right +7 on switch for Holy Shield pre-buff:)
Helm: Guillaume's Face or Harlequin Crest Shako socketted with IAS/ED Jewel
Gloves: Soul Drainers
Belt: Thundergod's Vigor
Boots: Gore Riders
Armor: Chains of Honor Archon Plate
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
Rings: 1 Ravenfrost and 1 godly all resist ring with mana leach
Torch, Anni, Offensive GC's

Stash items: Gimmershreds and Baranar's Star (for IP's and IM OKs)

This build has 100%+ crushing blow, absorbs both cold and lightning, dual leach, chance to cast weaken and huge life tap on strike (I don't need crowd control), + to max resists and can be used for uber runs as well as questing or MF'ing.

This is the build I am presently working on.


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just one flaw with that build safetypro. the weakon will overwrite your lt from draculs and that can casue death for you. if your in the middle of a pack and weakon goes of chances is that you will get killed.

in my understanding you rely heavily on the lifetap.


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just one flaw with that build safetypro. the weakon will overwrite your lt from draculs and that can casue death for you. if your in the middle of a pack and weakon goes of chances is that you will get killed.

in my understanding you rely heavily on the lifetap.
Good, point and thanks for pointing that out. Something I overlooked. Will re-think gloves.

Hellmouth for Fire Absorb, +Fire Dmg
Drac's for more LT, LL, Str
Ghoulhide for ML, life and dmg to undead
Dont need Steelrends as I already have enough CB

I'll probably select Drac's but, no rush, I'm only at lvl 48.



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Mine looked like this.

Guillaume helm socketed ber
Ethereal Stormlash zodded
Phoenix in 45 res zakarum
String of ears
Gore riders

Worked well for me. Eth stormlash is just godly.


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if u can afford it gear would be

Grief zerker

good smite and zeal damage. dont be fooled by the lying character screen my zealer using enigma and a grief pb does 1.1k but you will be doing more dmg.

im on nonladder and grief is expensive if you cant afford grief i would go for ebotdz/deathz/lwz


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Weapon: Death Warspike
Armour: Fortitude
Helm: shako socketed ias/xx mod
Gloves: dracs
Shield: Umed upped HoZ
Amulet: Highlords
Rings: Ravenfrost and BK (keep wisp for gloam infested areas)
switch: cta flail and low req spirit pala shield
belt: nosferatus coil

The warspike death is the important part, you can use a berzerker axe but it's far too slow and you'll waste too much gear options to hit the 4 frame bp.


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weapon: eth 5os runemaster w/ 4x 40/15
armor: 15ed AP fort 30res 1.5lpl
helm: 2os CoA w/ 15base dr and 2x 40/15
gloves: dracs
shield: eth 65/121 bugged vortex exile
ammy: highlords
rings: 250/20 rf and 5% bk
switch: 3HS cta and spirit ST 35/111/8
belt: 40/15 dungos

imo one of best gears.


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I currently use most of this gear on my lvl 87 pally and he has no trouble in any areas of Hell difficulty (even gloams)

Helm: Andy's Visage (Huge str, Life leech, Poison resist)
Vampire gaze (DR, Life leech, Mana Leech)-cheap
Crown of Ages (DR, +1 skills, 2 sockets, resist all, DR)-expensive
Ammy: Highlords (+1 all skills, IAS, Deadly Strike)
Ring1: 5% LL Bul Kathos (+1 all skills, + life, life leech
Ring2: RavenFrost (Cannot be frozen, Cold Absorb,Attack rating, Dexterity)
Belt: Verdungos (Life, Damage Reduction, Faster Hit recovery)
Thundergods (Lightning Absorb, Vitality, Str, Max Lightning resist even better for champion gloams)
Shield: Vortex Exile (Defiance aura, Freezes Target, possible 45 resist all,Life Tap=invincible)
HOZ (Doesnt need explaining, sick-nasty mods, if you are a pally and dont know about this shield, shame on you)
Boots: Gore Riders (Crushing Blow, Deadly Strike, Open Wounds)
Gloves: Draculs Grasp (Str, Life leech, Life Tap)
Armor: Chains of Honor (+65 Resist all, need more? +2 all skills, Life steal, 20 Str)
Weapon: EBreath of the Dying (+30 all attributes! 60 IAS! Life leech, Indestructible, prevent monster heal)
Grief (Massive hidden damage, ITD, Prevent Monster Heal, IAS)

Torch, Anni, etc etc...

Massive amounts of Life leech and does not need Life tap to survive, even though it makes you very difficult to kill, plus this way if a necro is casting curses, you will still be alive without life tap (up to 48% or more life steal). Small amounts of crushing blow and open wounds(can be easily exchanged for ubers for more crushing blow). I use CoH instead of Fortitude because in PvM resistances matter and most monsters fall to 7k damage anyway so 10k damage might be overkill, but then again thats more life leech. Either way, both armors work very well. Grief and Fortitude are somewhat expensive on non-ladder, but I have managed to get both of them so they are not impossible to get, just rather expensive.

Maximum Stats (before auras)
All Skills=+9
Damage Reduction=23%
Increased Attack Speed=+100%
Life Leech=48%+
Open Wounds=%35
Crushing Blow=%15
Deadly Strike=%45
Energy=+50 (like it matters)
Replenish Life=+27

20 Fanatacism(Main Aura)
20 Zeal (Main attack)
20 Holy Shield (Defense and blocking)
20 Sacrafice (Zeal synergy)
20 Defiance (Holy Shield synergy)
1 in prerequisites

That is the final stat distribution of how it should be, even though it may take a very long time to get those last few levels. Defiance does not need 20 points because it is a synergy to a secondary/prebuff skill so it should be maxed last.

I hope this helps.

Yes Sir I Will

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here's one o_o

Rare Mighty Scepter
450% ED
450 AR
20 STR
+3 Zeal
+3 Fanatacism
2 Socket (Lo Lo)
Repairs durability 1/20 seconds

Alternate Rare Mighty Scepter (for BM/Exile user. Chant with this, too.)
300% ED
Fool's Prefix
5% CTC Amplify Damage
20 STR
+3 Zeal
+3 Fanatacism
2 Socket (Lo Lo)
Repairs 1/20 Seconds

Rare Corona
200% ED
1%/on level AR bonus
40 Life
10% FHR
2 socket ( 2x Argent Jewel of Fervor)
Repairs 1/20 seconds

Rare Archon Plate
200% ED
24% FHR
20 STR
60 Life
2 Socket (2x Argent Jewel of Fervor)
Repairs 1/20 seconds

Angelic Jewelry
Stormshield socket Cham
Perfect Steelrend
Perfect upgraded Gorerider
Perfect Verdungo's Hearty

20 Stat Annihilus
20 Stat Pala Torch

6x Steel Grand Charm of Vita
3x Steel Grand Charm of Balance
8x Sharp Small Charm of Vita
2x Sharp Small Charm of Balance

6 BO CTA (legit +3 shield? lol)+Spirit Heraldic/Aerin/Whatever low req. PShield

This would be my perfect PalaPK build.
As you can see, I perfer GM PalaPK over public BM/Whatever PK but then that's what the Amp scepter would be for ~_~

Seriously though, HIGH ed rare Mighty has obnoxious min damage, this build should fall in the 4.x-7.x range of zeal with 55% ds, 25% CB, full DR% and 86% FHR breakpoint with AR in the 20++k range (and retarded high ar with the amp scepter and chant.) wich is enough to scrap any non-Exile user (and the Amp/Fools setup for Exile kids)


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ah almost no CB, your build is the typical USWEST NL builds. :eek:
Its what he asked for, a PvM zealer on non-ladder. :thumbsup: Against most monsters 7k damage at 4fpa is plenty fine and crushing blow is mostly useless unless he is going for the ubers or boss running. If needed, he can exchange helms for gillaumes face or Gobin Toe or a Death runeword for unhuman amounts of crushing blow but it is not necesary by any means.

Demonic Angel Rules

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The items people say to use are hitting right on the money. The only thing i havnt seen on here is the Greif runeword. I got one (low one) in a phaseblade and I kill like no other. I highly suggest useing grief becasue of the ITD. Then your almost sure to hit.


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Good point, the itd cannot be ignored. I did add it as an option in my weapon choices. I just use BOTD for the +30 stats and my grief was in a superior zerker axe and the repairs were astronomical (200k halfway through cow level).

Von Lazuli

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He he... My zealers used eth Asterons and eth Razoredge...

Those are weapons with style... No Ethereal Death Cleaver though (Sad Laz...)