your mf set up


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your mf set up

i was wondering what build everyone uses out there for mf running, im mainly concerned with meph/baal. also what items do you guys use? cause i have seen some people with rediculous mf numbers and just cant figure it out.


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I usually use--

74 shako ptopaz
134 skullders ire ptopaz
30 goldwrap
59 2 nagelrings
32 magic boots
39 chance guards
8 rare ammy
100 gull
25 rhyme
24 gheeds
about 60 more from smfc's

that gives me about 585mf
I cant run baal, but I run pindle/pits/meph

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Pindle/Eldritch/Baal setup

clvl 91 skelliemancer

Harle /w p topaz
2x Ist Ali Baba
Skulder's /w p topaz
Up'd Goldwrap
War Traveler
MF ring
Res ring
Homo /w p diamond
Whole lot of smfc's

Pure Pindle set-up
clvl 91 pure bliz source

Harle /w p topaz
Dual Ist'd Ali baba
Rhyme Shield
Tal's armor /w p top
Tal's Belt
Tal's Ammy
2x Nagel
War Traveler
Whole lot of smfc's



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My MF Zealot who runs everything

CoA w/ dual PTopaz (48)
Enigma (95)
Dual Ist's Baba on switch (155)
Rhyme on switch (25)
Wisp (20), Raven
String of Ears
War Travs (48)
Crafted Blood Gloves (25MF)

23 7MF sc's w/ second mod

Merc -
Up'd Skullder's (142)
Ptopaz Harley (74)
Tomb Reaver (74)


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LF/CS zon

Lvl 92

Harle/ptopaz 74
Tal's armour ptopaz 112
Tals Belt+Ammy 75
War Travs 48
Gheeds 40

Sc's 60 or so (depends on how much I move around) = over 400 but under 410

Addnl equip
Manald Heal

A lot of room for optimizing, but she kills pretty well without any trouble. Right now I have a Hellcast 2xShael on switch, but that varies as I like my ethereal Demon Arch/Pdiamond Tiamats for jabbing LI's.

My Blizz/FW sorc is a work in progress but she hits about 200 more thanks to 40% chancies, Gull, Rhyme and more SC's.

Edit - My kingdom for a freakin Skullder's if you all hadn't noticed my strange choice of armour...


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Shrek, clvl 95 fishymancer gear:

74 Shako
118+25 Skulders
25 Rhyme
95+60 Dual Ist Ali Baba
25 rare ammy
37 Chancies
30 Goldwrap
60 Nagels x 2
50 War Trav
39 Gheeds
77 7% mfsc x 11
30 6% mfsc x 5

745 and add 140ish from merc
Blizz sorc (meph / pindle / ancient tunnels):
harly (ptopaz)
skulders (ptopaz)
gull (100%)
rhyme (25%)
wartravs (47%)
chance gards(39%)
2xnagels (60%)
+3 cold skills ammy (0%)
and a whole heep of mfsc's to get me to 600% mf.1

i haven't sacreficed +3 cold skills for a matter of 35% mf.



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Moraine, my 89th level Firewall/Glacial Spike Sorceress.

An ethereal ( :mad: ) Harelequin Crest, with p. topaz: 74%
Skullder's Ire, with p. topaz: 135%
Volcanic Amulet of the Mammoth: none, but +3 to fire skills and +37 life
Blade of Ali Baba, with two Ist's: 149%
Lidless Wall, with p. diamond: none
upgraded Goldwrap: 30%
Nagelring: 30%
The Stone of Jordan: none
Magefist: none, but +1 to fire skills
War Travelers: 49%
Gheed's charm: 37%
and five 7% mf small charms, for a total of 539%. I tried putting on Chance Guards and a Rhyme shield to improve this, but her survivability went down to an unacceptable level. I guess I'll just have to be happy with it. :D



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Grafitti (lvl 82 meteorb)

Only gear that gives MF is listed.
Ptopazed skullders
rare boots (~30 I think)
NAgel x 2 (51)
Chance guards (40%)
Gheeds (37%)
ali baba
Milbrega's shield
amulet (7% MF)
1 smfc (7%)

All together, something on the order of 400. I pretty much only run hell meph on p1. She's speedy enough for me. No MF on merc because he dies to meph too easily.

Thanks to her, I've developed quite an inventory of excellent items since I started a short while ago. Too bad I play on a Mac so I have to keep them on mules :(.


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My setup leaves a lot to be desired compared to some, but it works fine until I find better.

level 87 meteorb
Shako p topaz 74
Skullders p topaz 108/24
chance guards 35
goldwrap 30
nagelrings 28/26
gheed's 22
2 small charms 8

for a total of 355, which I felt pretty good about til I read some of these other numbers *wipes tear*

But really, what do all of you do about resistances? I can't imagine my sorc without her wizardspike and mosers w/ 2p diamonds. Actually, I can imagine her dead very quickly. So what's up?


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Aragoryn (lvl90 Hammerdin)
H. Crest (p. topazed)
Wealth Dusk Shroud
Amulet of Luck (33%)
Upped Goldwrap
Chance Guards (31%)
Cow King boots
Nagel (30%)
Rare ring with resists (15%mf)
81% mf from charms (including Gheeds)

Steelskull (p. topazed)
Tomb Reaver (78% mf)


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piscene said:
But really, what do all of you do about resistances? I can't imagine my sorc without her wizardspike and mosers w/ 2p diamonds. Actually, I can imagine her dead very quickly. So what's up?
Resistances only matter if you are fighting something that can easily kill you with elemental damage. This leaves the WSK out of a low res character (with the exception of skellimancers, who have minions to take the damage).

If you are running the Pit, you really only need to fear a lightning enchanted boss (MSLE would suck), but even then, you should be able to avoid it.

For Pindle, the same applies. You don't need resistances, you just need to avoid his death blast, as the walls eat up any charged bolts.

Meph has his Blizzard (which he rarely uses), and poison, and the Vampires have fire if you activate them, but still, you should not need res for Meph.

Even if you do, get res with small charms, and get the 10-11% individual ones. They allow you to work on one res (lightning, first and foremost, for example), while leaving less important ones alone.



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piscene said:
My setup leaves a lot to be desired compared to some, but it works fine until I find better.

for a total of 355, which I felt pretty good about til I read some of these other numbers *wipes tear*
:p Noob
You can't handle the item poorness!

Angelic Halo x2 100
Chance Guards
Blue Boots 30ish
3 sc (4% 5% and 6% but the 4 has a resist on it. Hoo Ra!):D

For a whopping somewhere around 200%
Partial Angelic also gives my sorcy some much needed life. And another +1 all skills. Otherwise I do have some Nagels laying about. I think they grow on trees. All the other gold rings seem to be figments of the imagination, making it the One Ring. (though I have several)

Think I should probably PT my Mantle and Tarnhelm.:cool:

Hope you feel better now.:thumbsup:


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I keep swapping my equipment around and they're basically variations of whats here.

Otherwise, a "simple" set up: usable by lvl 15 all the way through normal/NM

3x angelics set excluding sword: amour P-topez
3x saigons set: boots/belt/shield
Chance guards
Tarnhelm P-topez

Fair resists/life and good mf.


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Mine's pretty similar to most here...

Level 91 (as of today!) Bowazon; skillz are Multishot and Guided Arrow (surprised she survives? Think again!); I only run the Pit, but she could handle the Ancient Tunnels...

Ptopaz Harlequin (74)
Ptopaz Skullder (137)
2x Nagel (56)
Goldwrap (30)
War Travs (37)
Magic Ammy (28, +1 skiller)
mfsc's + Gheeds (maybe 70?)

She's got about 400 at all times. I always wear Laying of Hands for Demon damage (Lots of demons in the pit), but if I had some crafted gloves w/MF, ias, skillers and Demon killer...

Merc: Etherial Bonehew Ogre Axe, Ptopazed Harle and Ptopazed Skullders adds another 200

Item Switch: Ali Baba and Rhyme shield, adding another 116

Altogether, I've got the chance of about 700 MF on a Merc kill, which I try to let happen as often as I can.

edit: Of course, my resists are TERRIBLE. Fire's at -20 (Laying of Hands helps), Lit's at -61, and cold and poison are -70. I can't imagine how I made it to Mat her...


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Matriarch Rose, Level 92 Cold Sorceress

Harlequin Crest [Perfect Topaz]
Skullder's Ire
Chance Guards
Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth
Rare Greaves (Haven't found War Travelers yet)
Amulet of Luck

The Oculus
Moser's Blessed Cirlce [Perfect Diamond, Perfect Diamond]

Blade of Ali-Baba

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Jezebel, lvl 90 Meteorb

Harlequin Crest w/p topaz 74
Fortuitous Amulet of Luck 38
Skulders w/p topaz 136
Gull 100 (on switch)
Rhyme Shield 25 (on switch)
Chance Guards 37
Goldwrap 30
2xNagel 30,29
War Travs (Eth) 49
Gheeds 40
Assorted sc 32

for a total of 620.

I don't put any on merc as I can't be bothered frigging around letting him get the kill.

Lvl 93 lightning zon has a few more points from Skulders but 130 less from Gull and Goldwrap not being used so probably around 500.


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Well, people can go on-and-on and list their l33t MF stuff, but here is my UNTWINKED setup from act 2 Normal! :D

(I usually wear as much MF I can through Normal and NM, so that by the time I reach Hell, I have given myself some very good chances of finding good stuff. I do full clears, with no repeating of areas.)

Merc headgear: 2-socketed Helm with chipped topazes (18). Replace with Circlet of Fortune/Luck gambled at level 21 and onwards. In act 5, replace with an Artisan´s Great Helm (bought from Larzuk) and fill with PTopazes as you get them.
Merc armor: 3-socketed Ring Mail or Breast Plate with chipped topazes (27). Replace with 3s armor with bigger topazes, then with PTopazes, then finally a 4s armor with PTopazes.

If merc wears MF gear, I let him/her deal >95% of the killing blows, especially against bosses and absolutely against act bosses.

Headgear: Same as merc headgear. The current best MF headgear goes here, because it also helps when I open containers. (18)
Armor: Same as merc armor, applied as above. (27)
Gloves: "of Fortune" (20-25), ideally with a good prefix. Even better, a rare with 'of Fortune'. Gamble many Leather Gloves. They are the cheapest, and they can get the good affixes slightly earlier than the other types.
Boots: "of Fortune" (20-25). Same as gloves. Can get 'of Luck' (alvl 26), but I often prefer a good rare with FRW, resists and 'of Fortune'.
Jewelry: Whatever the highest MF pieces you have found. :D I keep all my early crappy rings and amulets and cube them (3 -> 1) at level 24. At that level, you can get Coral/Cobalt/Garnet, and amulets can get 'of Fortune'.

Setup is usually good for around +160% MF (for merc kills) by the end of act 2.


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Hmm, let's see, it's been a while since I counted it:

Champion HolyAeon, lvl 95 hammerdin

Harlequin's Crest (ptopaz) - 74%
Eth Skullder's (ptopaz) - 142%
Chance Guards - 40%
War Traveler - 50%
Nagelring - 28%

Gheed's - 39%
Nine assorted small charms - 53%

For a total of 426% mf, not that bad for not using a merc and having maxed resistances I guess :)

He's also using Wizardspike, Herald of Zakarum, a rare +2 pala 10% fcr amulet, Arachnid Mesh and Dwarf Star, which add no MF, and wears a Naj's staff on switch for teleport charges


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My 2 MS 'zons share this equipment. They each have 2-3 desirable maps.

Tal's armor/ptopz
35% mf ammy
2x Nagels
upped Goldwrap
39% mf Gheeds
5x 5-6% mf sc's

All together ~400 mf