Your favorite tournament of all time?


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Your favorite tournament of all time?

The nice thing about single-player tournament is you are mainly competing against yourself. Although sure it's nice to have some friendly competition with others, I think we can all agree that the true fun usually lies in the challenge of playing under an odd set of restrictions or with unusual and difficult goals.
As lately I've been pondering the question of how to start my foray into HC, the thought of trying some old tournaments entered my mind. I figure dying won't be as big a bummer when I'm playing a somewhat-offbeat tournament-restricted character, and it would add challenge so that when it's time for me to seriously start guardianing, the more standard builds will seem easy (or at least doable).

So I'm curious to know what your favorite tournament has been. It can have been however long ago and obviously need not still be running. I'm just trying to get an idea of what I've missed as a newcomer to the SP forums and come up with some ideas of fun challenges.

And as always, I love to get people's opinions and hear stories of experiences!



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Definately the Magic Find Olympics for me. I've always enjoyed them. Its mainly just time and luck, not to complicated. Versing the other forum members and my dad (Buster) in most of the categories was also a good way to earn bragging rights. In 1.10 the MFO is alot more exciting that in was back in the day of 1.09, where one TC 90 would win it all. But some of the other tourney are great too don't get me wrong.


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Probably the first Bad Blood PvP Tournament. It was a standard dueling tournament, but with a twist. It was fought in 1v1v1 style rather than 1v1. There was quite a mix of players and builds and the strategy involved was often a bigger part than most other tourneys. Uneasy alliances were made and dissolved just as quickly the next bout. The prize for winning was the coolest ever offered in a PvP tournament (as far as I'm concerned) with the winners getting their characters immortalized by the resident art guru, Addicted2macs.


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I have only been in two thus far. But I have to say Skunkbelly's current tourney is definitely some of the best fun I've had playing D2 ever. The Pass it On style adds two elements that are really unique to the game. The excitement of getting that new character and figuring out how to most efficiently kill things. And the strategy of what you will do to the character you have to help or hurt those downstream of you. The 99 item aspect of it is fun as well. You don't have to spend a lot of time scouring drops.

Sint Nikolaas

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Pic'o'Rama :grin:

I liked the tournament of about two years back where I played a Jedi too. Not that I got far.

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Ear cutting or BM PvP tourney:

Why? Both were major pvp tournys, with the ear cutting being the first for a while. I played a wolfbarb that was a one-trick pony, but still scored many kills. 4 fpa attacks put people in block lock/fhr lock and kept them there.

The BM tourney was the tourney that propelled SP dueling into a near perma-BM rule set and led directly to the rules that exist today.



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Blue magic tournament, the one with only magic items and restricted skillz... got to hell with my first druid... pure summoner.


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I liked the tournament of about two years back where I played a Jedi too. Not that I got far.
Loved that tourney as well. Too bad it didnt last long . Im thinking about ressurecting it , with a bit easier rules so more people would join.



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The Pindleathon 3 Tournament for sure :D
2K runs means pretty much everyone finds something nice. Makes it a vry close tournament.


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My favorites are in line with Nerigazh's intent, since I don't play PvP or MF. I prefer the tournaments that have seemingly simple restrictions, which can end up being quite challenging. With that in mind, may favorites have been:
  • Rare Pleasures
  • Melee Blues
  • skillless
  • All Alone
The melee Blues is (I think) the same tourney that atigdng referred to. I also had a druid in that tournament, who is still sitting in the middle of Hell Act 5. The deadline ran out before he did! I'll have to go back some day and see if he can be my first guardian...


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My favorite was the one where you can't put any points into vit. I forgot what it was called, but I had a great time MPing for that one.


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My favorite so far has been Skunkbelly's It takes all kinds tourney, not just because I managed to get the farthest! That one took some patience and planning- with the stat restrictions, it was effectively a low-life tournament, but not suicidally low. And the equipment rules made it interesting and I learned a fair amount about some aspects of the game I didn't know much about before. I've enjoyed all of Skunkbelly's tournaments I've played so far and am enjoying the current "Pass It On" one, though I did poorly in the "Six of One" tourney and died early there. Atil's "10 Tasks" tourney was a blast too, though I didn't get to attempt everything in that one because I was travelling during that. And Quickdeath's Scavenger Hunts are great because you can participate in those while just MFing, leveling, or while playing in another tourney, and they make you look for odd things that normally you wouldn't notice.