Your Favorite Classic Char?


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I have a Smitadin, and I have to say, The Gnasher is NOT the best smiting weapon. At least, imo. It's too slow. I'd have to say it's all about + skills. Getting about +6-8 skills (4 from weapon/shield, 2 from ammy, other +'s tarn and/or SoJ(s)) will achieve you 1.1k to about 1.3k Smite damage. Not too shabby. Look around for a +2 (Insert fast weapon here) 40% IAS. Although the Gnasher looks sexy at first sight, it really insn't. Also, going vs barbs is damn hard. I've never beaten a WWer.


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Amarande said:
My last Classic character and probably my favorite, was my old Sorc. I created her near the very beginning of the first 1.10 ladder; even got to about #200 or so before I gave up on her. ...she bogged down quite badly on Hell (she was pure fire).

Sadly, she was abandoned ...You see, she wasn't really made to solo Hell, she needed a party. Unfortunately, I made one other mistake with her, and that was that I did not learn Tele...

That day came when she needed to pass Act III Hell. You see, this was very early in the ladder, so there weren't that many people on USWest Classic Softcore Ladder who were at this point on Hell...this was my first taste of the new Durance of Hate level 2. ..despite my telling my teammates that I didn't have tele, we need to stick together etc... they were...leaving me in the dust...and plenty of fire immunes here ...

Basically, instead of working together, they EXPECTED me to have tele like there is no legitimate excuse not to and...they ..called me a noob... After this, I tried unsuccessfully to find another Hell Act 3 game on Classic ladder, and after this, my love for this Sorc faded rapidly. Soon after, she was converted to Expansion, looted... and abandoned.

I may try Classic again soon, though. Hopefully things are better now :)
Hmm..I wonder if we ever played together back then...

When u converted to LoD, then u CAN solo hell with this type of sorc because all the +skill items (shako's..etc) allow u to deal with the fire immunes much better than can be had in classic. At least u are admitting ur mistakes. Skills like tele and static are nearly indispendsable early on. How can u expect to function in a party, get auras and warcries and not give a party skill in return, hmm??

This is a big problem early each ladder in classic. There will be lots of ppl early in normal screwing around, then a vast gulf to the 'leading edge' of ladder ppl. This group will be in nearly full games and that just augments their experience and widens the gulf. They help each other pound thru the quests, getting to late hell and the 'big exp' in river and cs and diablo. If u fall behind these experts, for whatever reason, u will become disillusioned and alone.

In efforts to come up with something 'new' in 1.10, bliz developed synergies. The idea was to reward ppl for dumping skill points into a particular branch of a skill tree, and to allow them to try out previously unused skills in that tree without being sucko (the synergy pumping up the damage of the previously sucko skill). Trouble is, esp in classic, many ppl are forced to pump that branch to max it out and ignore party skills. Like some paladins dont get cleansing or meditation or salvation. Necros who dont even learn a curse, not even amp!! cuz they have to pump boneys. If u are a sorc and dont learn tele, static, warmth, mana shield, frost nova or better, and a decent fire skill, u will have major problems later on!!


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I like hammerdin.
I have got a 99 level hammerdin at asia3 named AX_Heroes.
Now I'm playing d2 classic HC.85level now .


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ahah of course the cold svs sorc....usually orbers are the best i think.....
but i also like the bone necromancers....they are practically the strongest char if you build it up right....just wall yourself if you vsing barbs and the barbs can'y do anything aobut it if you got high fcr and fhr.......
and vsing other char'sif your really lame and cheap you can jsut stack...necromancers is unstackable so they are really good PvP's :clap:
but they really suck later on coz they lag the whole game aft casting all those bones across the floor :confused: