Your Favorite Character/Build


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Your Favorite Character/Build

I was wondering what the majority of people like the most... since now in 1.10 all the characters are being used now due to synergies and skill increases, post your favorite character, along with your favorite build for that character, and why you chose that character. Lol you dont have to do that, it would just make it go into details, and im interested in that. :buddies:

Favorite Character: Sorc
Favorite Build: MeteOrb

As you can see I am just another one of those MeteOrb sorc users, which many are... just because sorcs can just get anywhere they want fast.... one the best mfers.... and they can be very powerful as well.

At the end of the thread ill just tally all of the Characters and see what we get.


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My favorite has to be "Hmm, that skill looks interesting. Let's put a few points into it!" That's pretty much how I've played all of my characters, and that's what makes the game fun for me. I learn as I go, rather than relying in the experience and advice of others, no matter how correct or useful it may be. To put this into perspective, my first Necromancer in the original version of D2 had almost ten points in Teeth.


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WW much fun...nothing like dragon flighting on top of a bone necro and WWing their armor away and making them bleed down to 1 hp and then taking them out with blade fury....oh its so gratifying. Or having a wolf chase you while you whirl right in front of them hitting them while they follow behind hehe.


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Necromancer... Fishymancer... It is just great fun! I love playing it and when you get your little skele's get up so quick they are so super strong!


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I've always been a huge Barb fan. There's no particular build that jumps out as my favorite, but in general, I like melee characters that just bash their way through everything :D


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I love paladins. They are very versatile and have many different build types. Of those that I have tried, I love zealots in all its variations.


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Hammerdin is my favourite, he is just so powerful. Also strafezon and fishymancer are very nice ones. Meteorb sorc would be really cool too but she kills too slow on p8


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I'm a fan of ranged characters, mainly caster types. But oddly enough, I 'm not too fond of Sorcs :scratch:

My favorite build is probably Trapper. She's very fast, deceivingly powerful, and her gear is sexy, especially when wearing black, and best of all, she has a twin :evil:


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I'm a Druid man for the most part. Lots of life, good melee and elemental skills, just superb characters.

oh its so gratifying. Or having a wolf chase you while you whirl right in front of them hitting them while they follow behind hehe.
Let me know when this actually happens ;) Druids > Your Assassins!!!111 Burn Select, Burn!111 :D


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MA assassins. I just love charge ups. and claws... I mean, is anything cooler than claws?

second choice is frostmaiden 'zons.


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I'm a druid fan :uhhuh: winddruid in particular.. i just love the animaion of the whirlwinds and the hurricane :clap:

also its power, mf capabilities and duel powers are awesome :thumbsup:
big winner for me



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I like melee, but so far only MA assassin and barb I like most.

I also like necromancer, Fishy is fun, bone mancer should be fun too (I had one in 1.07/08/09).


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My favorite is the trapper! She's very fast, deceivingly powerful, and her gear is sexy, and you have lot of spell to cast. I think the bowazon is also fun to play


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Energy Shield Sorc is my favorite...why? Because she can solo hell at a decent speed with base vitality and dexterity. Most people go on an on about how ES sucks now and is of no use, while this build is based on it.


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my fav build would prolly have to be the humble ranger. tehehe. or a zealot...or... arg there are just too many. i like them all. except sorcs. sorcs r uber haxor. good one durf


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Paladins are my choice they're very versatile.
When it comes to power you cannot deny the power of the Hammerdin, and that's the favourite char of mine in terms of power.

Though, I really think Hammerdins suck along with their names and the hammers. My favourite all time has to be the Avenger but avengers are not that strong really. I just like their style of killing with elemental melee and godly resists.


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my choice is the amazon and the build is no surprice sniperzon :clap:

nothing like walking a screen forward and only finding dead bodies of you enemies.

close second is the pally with the avenger

its something special about 95% res all in hell and being healed by glooms. dont know i think its very fun:thumbsup:

im more or less feed up with the other classes nowdays played them to much in the past


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Been a fan of the assassin since I got the expansion. Trapper is the way to go for a fun build in 1.10.

However, I decided to start an Auradin last night and I think it will be a fun and interesting build. I will end up using some duped runes in order to make the end game gear I want. I am going to attempt to have 7 active auras at once. Holy fire, 2 thorns, might, holy freeze, defience, and conviction. I will post a thread about the build once I get to act 1 Hell, next month if I am lucky.