Your deeds of valor are remembered, now what?

What do you do after a hardcore death?

  • Get back on that horse! (Fire up a new or alternate Hardcore character)

  • Take a break from Hardcore (Switch back to one of your old softies for some easy running)

  • Take a break from D2 (The crushing pain is too much to bear)

  • Quit Hardcore forever (I'm never going back!)

  • I've never played Hardcore (This poll is the reason why)

  • I've never lost a Hardcore character (Foolish noobs with their deeds screens...)

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A couple of months ago, I lost a Javazon to NM ancients - Korlic was fire enchanted, and I didn't even think about the FE bug (at least, I'm pretty sure that's what got me). I lost a good pair of Titans, some sweet rare gloves, and my only HC Stone of Jordan. I had to take a little break from Diablo 2 after that one. Although your answer to the poll might be situational - based on character level, items lost, mental fortitude, etc. - I'm curious what others do when they lose a Hardcore character.


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I found that quite often, deeds was due to inattention or just trying to rush too fast, too far. And yes, I also had the inattention to FE/CE mobs with low resistances that just one-shot the character - experience has taught me to be careful around them, especially with low resists. Usually, when that happened, I would stop playing D2 for a few hours. I have had a few chain-deeds, where upon losing one, I loaded up another, and it got deeds as well.
The best advice is to simply take a minimum 5 minute break (depending on how you feel about the deedsed character,) to refresh your mind, and let go of the last one.
If you can do both SC and HC, I'd say load a SC char, and do something there as a break.

So, for me, I'm part way between the second and third option: Take a break, but I could never enjoy SC, so I just went and played something else, or read something else until I was more fresh and then usually rebuild the character.


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I voted one, although I've also had instances where I'd return to SC for a while.


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Ive quit HC for a while after a hell deeds. When I played on the realms, we refused to play it, because lag spikes. But now, I usually switch back to SC, or do something else for a bit. Maybe it inspires me to write a song (from all the pain and anguish).


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I try to figure out what went wrong. Nearly always there are bosses in there with overlapping auras and curses. If you can, scan bosses before entering the fray. Anything nasty, be afraid, be very afraid. And yep you need to take a break too.


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Never quit HC. When it happens I usually feel like taking a break... but often I would jump right back into it. That didn't really happen last time, though it was during the MFO.

Xul's Gull

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Having lost two characters in this way, I really needed some time away from the game to vent (I was more angry at myself than I was with the demons, really), but each time I returned , it was always back at hardcore. It really changes the way you approach Diablo, and that makes it - for me, anyway - way more entertaining. :)


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@pharphis - RIP Schlumpus.
PS. Where's my Infinity?! :p:p:p

@Xul's Gull - Definitely agree. I've lost multiple characters from jumping straight onto another character. Everyone's different, but you just need that time to refresh, and release the disappointment/stress/frustration from the deeds, and refocus, learn and reflect on the last one. SC leads to a different approach, and when death occurs, there's no emotion or attachment to a character for me; it's just run back in and get your body, or S&E and respawn in town.


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I see it as a good opportunity to have something to eat, maybe even have a shower, both are probably overdue.


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A couple of months ago, I lost a Javazon to NM ancients - Korlic was fire enchanted, and I didn't even think about the FE bug (at least, I'm pretty sure that's what got me).
What version were you playing?

Were you killed before Korlic died? In v1.10, an FE Ancient would usually kill you (unless blocking etc. kicked in) if you were standing next to one when he started the attack animation. (i.e. the bug caused him to deal his FE death explosion damage before he was supposed to)


When one of my characters die, I get a bit down but it's usually no big deal. Over the years, I've had about 1/3 success rate with my characters (defintion of success: survive a single pass full clear), so the majority are expected to die.
I get more attached to some than others, though. Usually it's a bit tough to motivate myself to write the final character update in the tournament thread the character was in (nearly all my characters are played in SPF tournaments).


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What version were you playing?

Were you killed before Korlic died?
I am in 1.14 (b, I think). I was still on the realms when this bug first came out... lost a ~93 druid to Hell Ancients. Probably one of the antecedents to my gradual transition into SP.

I read somewhere that the bug had been long fixed, but it still lingered in NM difficulty. I thought it was a massive damage increase in the death explosion itself, but I could be wrong about that. Fairly certain my javazon died to the death explosion; I thought she had max fire resistance, but it may have only been 52. And she had ~700 life.

If I am mistaken about the FE bug presence or mechanics, it could have been multiple hits landing at the same time. I just remember it happening pretty quick. And it was disappointing.

Thanks for participating in the poll, everyone. Based on the discussion I am in agreement with the crowd: a good break might be necessary, but don't give up! Surprised no one mentioned the "always have another character started, so you aren't back at square one" credo, but I suppose after this much time we all have numerous (hardcore if you play it) characters to fall back on.


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Assassin - RIP Clvl 85 (Hell Lower Kurast)
Enter Hut like I’ve done thousand of times and instantly die to unique Doom Ape pack Might/Extra Fast.
In hindsight: The amount of damage I took (>1500 in a fraction of a second) is a death no matter how I react. Had never seen a pack much less unique pack spawn in this hut.

Druid - RIP Clvl 86 (Hell Maggot Lair)
Open a slime door and instantly surrounded by unique Scarab pack Might/Extra Fast. No S/E allowed for this run so I FRP’d until death trying to WSG unsuccessfully.
In hindsight: casting Grizzly to scout unexplored areas would’ve saved me. I did this before in Pit when I was afraid of ranged instant death (Archers) but I didn’t think it was necessary for Maggot Lair.

Sorceress - RIP Clvl 86 (Hell Ancient Tunnels)
Casting Static Field at the pack I Glacial Spiked not noticing the one mob that crept up and one shot me with 1.1k HP/14% DR. 5% crit? :/ Unique Plague Bearer Might/Extra Strong?

That’s quite a lot of hours, all done on P8..I feel like if you want to finish a P8 walk you need to farm. Farming specific areas means eventually you run into a dice roll mob and you were either ready and you scare the shit out of yourself (just from pure damage received spiking ridiculously compared to what you’re expecting) or you weren’t ready and you’re making a new character.

Fact: Every one of my characters died to a unique melee pack that had Might aura.

I’m the type of person who can’t give up on something. 3 RIPs in Hell later I Guardian’d a P8 HC Fury Druid untwinked. 4500 HP/Fade/Lawbringer swap is pretty safe..
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I've lost so many characters (one today actually :)) that this has become pretty much Normal routine...unless You are playing some Tourney character or exotic one, You can lvl up pretty fast from lvl 1 to 85+ in say 14 days?Untwincked, of me, only real pain starts after losing character at lvl 95+ or one with long time hunted happened to me, when i've lost Furyzon with Enigma + Infinity + CtA, and ofcourse Fortitude on merc...this was hard, but in 1.13+ version is RELATIVELY easy to replace such losses, so it tooked around half Year to be at the place, when i was before...But such loss must have been much worse in previous versions, i can only imagine that, because despite the fact i've played version 1.11 alot, i never had such has been 10 times harder to get them, at least...

So answer is easy, heads up and start another character...thats what i did today anyway ;)


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I feel like most of the rest seem to do that the best is to take a break and regain my focus. Then it is usually beneficial to play another type of character, or maybe anothe rgame for a while to have some refreshing variety. That said, when I lose a character in Diablo 2 or other games with characters I find it comforting to recreate him or her and start just a little, thinking about how I this time would no fall to X while doing mistake Y. Since I always play untwinked I don't have the problem of the character having carried items that other characters depended on so there is never collateral damage.