Your daily laugh.

hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha oh my god I'm tearing up hahahahahahahaha

EDIT: AHHH my stomach hurting!! CRAMPS hahahahahha


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One problem is that you can't put a "Calvin peeing" sticker on it because people might think that's how it's meant to be used, and you'd be cleaning up the floor all the time.


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Phew, only one before midnight, and I finally got my first laugh of the day. Thanks Sp4rt!


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yo chief, hot site, funny idea. whats your fastest time? i have racing stripes on mine too but mine arent offset. so its a true racer. i think i gained at least 50 horsepower per stripe. also i wanted to add that mine is a Kohler. Those are real quick off the line. especially with my vtec sticker on the side. thats another 60 HP gain right there. heh later bro

this was such a funny comment regarding the links.. just had to post this up here. kohlers are real quick off the line.. roflmao