Your connection has been terminated


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Your connection has been terminated

Starting today, I get the "Your connection has been terminated" screen after being in any game for a minute or two. I use USWest. I can't explain it, hopefully someone else knows what's going on? Thanks.


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I personally haven't seen a "Terminated" sign before. Only "temporary restricted" or "Connection Interrupted"


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Make sure that the patch isn't corrupted. This has happened to me during patching process. If you continue to get this error and its during or just after applying the patch, then follow these steps:

Uninstall D2 and LOD.
Reinstall D2 and LOD after reboot.
Download the patch manually from site:
After you download the patch try to install it. If it fails to install run the bnpatch file from the d2 folder and this should correct the issue.
Once thats done log on to

If your termination isn't due to a recent patch failure then try deleting the bncache.dat file before you run DII. A corrupted bncache.dat file can very well cause persistent game interruptions.