Your best drop!


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Okay that's some crazy luck right there!! Congratulations on that.

I don't think I've ever had any superdrops like that...I got a Schaeffer's Hammer from Pindle but I don't really recall any drop with multiple elite uniques.
Arewyn said:
For teh people who don't read German, do an ATMA read-out :p
I failed german at school, and even i can work out that 'Tyraels macht' means isenharts case. or is it tryaels might? either way im still a bit jelous.


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Well it wasn't from a boss, but I guess my best drop is a Ber rune...

I also have an awesome sorc amulet I gambled.

'Blood Beads' Amulet
+2 Sorc skills
20 res all
10 FCR
+23 mana
+4 energy
MDR by 2


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factory said:
heh, this is almost the same chance of those droppingz, here:



have been scratching the bottom of da old disk to find out these oldy's goldy's, funny indeed
Heh, those are great! They look just right, good work!

[email protected]'s Breastplates *ggg*

farting bob... You know that finding a Zod is of Eldritch is about 4 times as rare as finding a Tyrael's from Baal?