Young meteorb seeks advice from elders...


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Young meteorb seeks advice from elders...

I have a lvl 30 meteorb. She has +3 skills and 50+ resistances (a tal rasha set is waiting for her when she reached 60+). She uses an act V merc her level also with 50+ resistance and life leach. At lvl 29 I decided to give it a shot at solo meph runs and it has been a pain. Better now at lvl 30 with the masteries but still I am surprised that its been hard. First time around the merc was gone like in 4 seconds and I follow soon after. Lately I am following a tactic like this: (1) run to meph cast static once, (2) teleport back, (3) let merc engage meph and cast orb and meteor, (4) teleport, and (5) give health potion to merc. Since I am trying to keep the merc alive, I am essentially repeating (3)-(5) over and over because my meteor misses meph frequently. Is this the way it suppose to be killed? I am worried with how things will go with meph hell. I know she packs a punch because when others players are tanking for her, she cleans the place. But I am building this character to do solo MF runs.


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A great way to solve this problem is just to level up :) Then your kill power and life points go up. Do some Baal runs, or get through A5 if you haven't.

Trust me, you won't have any problems with meph in hell (when you are at the proper level)


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You are doing it right with the Merc, though i would advise to take an act2 Merc, since he and you can benefit from his Aura. Popular Mercs are Defiance, Holy Freeze and Might. The last 2 can only be found in NIghtmare Difficulty.

Trying to Meph in Normal is a bit early i think. Rather try to reach a higher lvl as fast as possbile and THEN go on NM/Hell Mephisto runs. By then your Merc will also be able to tackle Mephisto better.

At those early lvls with my Meteorb my Act2 Merc was dieing just aswell. With enough res and fcr you will be able to do Mephisto alone aswell. Just dont worry, there is nothing wrong with the build. Meteorb is a very fine choice for a Mephrunner.


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Moat Trick works just as well on Normal Meph. Just search for Moat Trick on this forum and you'll get some nice links.

And I agree totally with Melianor. You're better off leveling then to go to Meph for items on Normal. Even leveling wise it is not reccomended since all the monsters down there are level 25, which is too low to level a level 30 char. This and the fact that Normal Meph doesn't drop nice things makes it a waste of your time.

As a sidenote, these are the ONLY things normal Meph can drop that are of interest;

- Tal Rasha's Adjudication
- Gull
- Tarnhelm
- Chance Guards
- Gorefoot
- Nagelring

Maybe there are a few more that interest the low-level chars, but for trade you won't find much at Meph's.


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I'd drop the act 5 merc, head back to normal act 2 and pick up a defiance merc. IMO once leveled uop, with decent equip, and defiance, this merc can stand toe to toe with Meph, and keep him occupied while you turn him into ash.

As to dying a bit in and around levl 30, that's not to be unexpected. Most sroc bulds go the the growing pains from level 1 to about lv 40 (30 for base points and masteries, then you finally get to push the skills that you want to use.)

Keep plugging away. BTW check out compendium on leveling. Its quie good as guide on when to level up for a given clevel.