You think was bad idea?


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You think was bad idea?

It took forever to get a LO rune so i made a phase blade grief i got 32 ias 385 ed , i am planing to play a pvp zealot,so now i hear that berzerk axe grief it much better for pvp because of the range this one second thing is i traded what ever i had to get another LO rune and i made fortitude in sup g huberck with 9 enhance def and 118 str so i got a perfect fortitude,now i sse everybody using those light armor dusk wirefleece or archon for low str.
What u think did i waste my Lo runes or what?

thank lot for any input


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It's more than likely just me, but I seriously have never really seen the difference of range, except when a WW barb uses one. I've had no problems using a phase blade as my main dueling weapon, I think it's more a matter of skill/how a person uses his weapon that determines which is better.


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In the right hands, range is an important factor indeed. However, as most just click and hold for a "duel" then the range is not important as this all takes place at range 1.



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when u get tired of running for all those jumpers heads than u will realise why this bloody PB is not longer hmmm
thats righ in hold click duel range is not so important but vs all remaining classes in any kind of "movement" u need longer "fork" to get them

if u r a grief user u can easily transform urself into a smiter and u need to know ur smite range depended on ur weapon range (am i right? ;) )