You have a Goliath you want taken care of? No Problem! Check this out!

My heart sank after reading it. maybe i should sell a big nail and claim it as it was the nail that is used in the crucifixion and sell it same price. or better yet get a plywood and carve it with INRI and say this is the title on the cross.

is this for real or is this an ebay joke?


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Off course it's a joke.....

I'll never sell the "original" stone!

But look at how much I sold it for!



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Jesus: the Early Years

This beats that 2x4 that someone said was a piece titled "Unfinished Piece #1" by Jesus. Or that guy that said he had the skull of Jesus for sale. Or that image of the Virgin Mary in his Spaghettios. get the idea. Any nut can claim that they have some holy relic and somewhere, someone is stupid enough to fall for it.

<checks Ebay> Yes! Still highest bid!


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I'm not too familiar with eBay, but if you bid and you win, it is considered a contract that the transfer will take place, and if it does not, one may take the other to court over it, correct? I know this is a joke, but someone bid 200k on it...


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nothing will ever happen to anyone. bid all you want on it. Dont pay, what's the kid gonna do? sue you?? yeah right, hes 13. Say he actually does so you, what's the judge gonna say? he's gonna laugh at the kid and ban him from ebay for being such a moron.


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This reminds of that time machine that was put on there, maybe the kid went back in time to get the stone :D .


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Hmm, David, or Elhanan? You can argue it both ways, but my money is on Elhanan (there just seems to be more evidence on his side), and therefore probably a sword, not a stone. And what about the other 3 giants The Thirty killed? A collection of 4 swords would be much cooler than 1 rock. Or, beyond way extremely cool, would be the flaming sword that guarded Eden. Yeah, that would look awesome hanging on my wall.


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Are you saying there's historical evidence that David didn't kill Goliath?

Who is that "Elhanan" anyway?


p.s.: Yeah, I never read the Bible....


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In the chronological order in which they were written:
1. 1 Sam 17 - David killed Goliath
2. 2 Sam 21 - Elhanan killed Goliath
3. 1 Chr 20 - Elhanan killed Lahmi the brother of Goliath
[The authors didn't want a contradiction with #1]
4. 2 Sam 21 revised - Elhanan killed the brother of Goliath
["the brother of" was added when it was translated into English, again to fix the contradiction between #1 and #2]

Other than the contradictions of the text itself, there are some other issues.

Goliath's head is brought to Jerusalem after the battle. Jerusalem was controlled by the Jebusites, not the Israelites, until after David was king, and therefore Goliath's head could not have been brought there until David was already king.

David was in Saul's royal court in 1 Sam 16:21-22, but then Saul doesn't remember David after David kills Goliath in 1 Sam 17:55.

The members of David's elite fighting group The Thirty (including Elhanan) killed 4 different giants. The Thirty probably was a mythical group like Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. David was substituted in for Elhanan as the killer of Goliath to make it sound like he was capable of great deeds.