You guys should add Druid's Tornado to the lingering spells PK trick list.


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MoUsE_WiZ said:
Act 3 has dolls and flayers and stupid zealots that run away for 10 years... it's lucky it has meph or I'd never go there >.>
3 also has Travincal, the Kurasts, and the Flayer Jungle...

I'd rank them like so: 3, 4, 5, 1, 2


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Well, since I can't figure out how to edit my posts, I'll explain here:

5 - This act has quests with cool bonuses. The enemies are neat, I love the caves, and the Ancients are so damn cool. The outside areas are a bit too big and wit hannoying teleporty-guys, but other than that, an excellent act.

3 - This is where the monsters first start to get difficult, which is why I like it. The quest bonuses are pretty good, too. I think the Gidbinn is rather underrated; I've gotten really good stuff from him in NM and Hell. Also, the Kurasts are some of my very favorite areas in the game, and the act really feels like you are leading up to an epic confrontation. (The only act that matches this feel for me is Act 5).

Too bad they nerfed the non-Lam Esen's temples though. Once, back in 1.09, I did all of them in Hell with a Hydra / Orb Sorc just got the sheer challenge and thrill. It was terrifying. Now the non-important ones are empty....

The only place I truly hate in this act are the sewers. Big and boring.

4 - The good: intense with fun monsters. The bad: too short. Diablo II's developement team obviously was running out of time when they made this one. Throwing in an extra skill point for Izual and making the areas bigger doesn't fix this problem, Blizzard!. They could have at least added a waypoint for the Plains of Despair. It's hastily thrown together.

2 - HP's post reminded me of a few things that annoy me about this one. The enemies are boring to fight. And since the hero mummies get skeleton minions instead of mummy minions, they aren't as big a deal as they used to be.

So yeah, the simple dislike-factor of this act took precedence over my critical perspective on act 4.

1 - You can quickly power through most acts if you want. If I was getting bored of act 2, I could always just spend more time leveling in act 1 then skip to 3. Or if I wasn't in the mood for 3, I could level a bunch in act 2 and skip through it really quick to act 4. Not so with act 1. Unless you are getting rushed, you always have to deal with this one. Of course, this doesn't apply to NM or Hell.

As with the mummies, changing the Shaman's minions to Fallen made this act too easy. The monsters were already boring enough. I particularly dislike the Jail.


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bigD72 said:
You're crazy, best to worst

5, 1, 4, 2, 3

*Basically we both love act 5 and our idea of the rest of them is reversed.
5 - Because everything about it is great, I like that it's basically a linear path that you can just run side to side and kill everything basically uninhibited. The dungeons are great, the red portals are a nice change of pace for the act.

1 - I don't know why, I just play it so much and never get bored of it. I just like the "open area, yet still know where I'm going feel."

4 - Similar to the first 2, but it's a little bit harder to tell where you're headed, but the Chaos Sanctuary in Hell is too big of a pain in the ***.

2 - I think HP summed it up perfectly.

3 - The Jungles ruin it for me, I ALWAYS get lost and the damn flayers are so ANNOYING! Not to mention getting to the zealots in the middle section of the act they run across the freaking map.


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Zealots are fun to fight until you smash the Compelling Orb.

At that point they just don't matter. Simply ignore them. It's only truly annoying if you have summons, or rely completely on your merc.

Alot of you probably don't know that since you skip right to the council most of the time when going through A3. :p But before you kill the council, the Zealots are an excellent standard-enemy counterpart to the Healer-guys (I'd say that are pretty similar to goat men from act 1, only they move a little faster).

The running thing is still a flawed idea, and Blizzard shouldn't have stuck with it.

I think the problem alot of people have with the jungles is that the Spider, Flayer, and Marsh sometimes link together in different ways. Sometimes it's like this:

Spider (S)-> Great Marsh (G) -> Flayer Jungle (F)

where the Flayer doesn't connect to the Spider, and the Marsh is between them. Sometimes it can be like this:

G <-S-> F

where the spider links to both the Flayer and the Marsh, but those two do not connect.

And sometimes, all three of them link together.

Once you understand that, it doesn't become so confusing. You just have to be methodical and search each alcove by the river and never skip over one (because that one could lead to the flayer!)

And of course, once you get to the Flayer Jungle, Kurast is always upward, and usually to the right.

Personally, I have a harder time finding my way around in Act4, simply because the places are so big and I always seem to find the exit on my last guess >_>