You can all die happy now...


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...Ya know, there's a fine line where the homoantics are no longer funny.

....This isn't quite there, but your inching closer to sphinkter splittingly unfunnyness.


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I feel the same way! *Tear*

Except, I don't count the several times NightShade and I have had sexual intercourse. It's not even worth mentioning.

Psttt...he's not very good...

Do I win Nightshade?!? I want to be King of these 'homoantics'!!!

-Edited to include NightShade in my post.


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God damnit I hate that numa numa video so much. I didn't click on your link but just seeing the "numa-numa" in the url makes me want to hit something.

The rabbit flash is quite well done though ^^


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Because a fat kid acting like a retard isn't funny to me. I don't care about the rest of the video or the 'clever' images that are put in, the source of the humour lies mainly in "OMG LOOK AT THE FAT KID LIP SYNCH!!!!!"

Similarily I'm not a huge fan of Star Wars Kid.