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Hi everyone,

I'm Socialism / Shon etc., etc. Up until now, I've only ever posted in the Hardcore forums (I used to play USEast HCL) and in the sorceress/assassin ones answering questions every now and then.

Unfortunately, two jobs, irritating ping, and being in a timezone with VERY few players (I'm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) has killed my online playing for now. I'm starting 2-3 projects on SP, and am glad to have found such a vibrant community of SP 'gangstas' on dii.net. I'm an independence and efficiency freak, which tends to be rather necessary for effective long-term HC play, and like to toss around ideas with people.

Anyhow, just got back from a lead climbing course (I'm now prepared to climb outdoors! Well, after I spend a grand or so on equipment) and am exhausted, so I'mna take a breather. Good evening to you all.

Your pal,
Socialism (Shon)


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greetings and welcome to the spf read stikkies blah blah blh magor borring stuff. enjoy your stay and sot by the bar for a drink on me sometime for some good old OT talk

*kicks Socialisms shins*


diablo loves donutz

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*Sighs...* "I got this one guys..."

"Hi...*squints eyes*...Socialism! Welcome to the single player forums. I hope you enjoy your stay, have lots of fun, meet new people, yadda yadda, a few beers here and there, here's your spf hat, t-shirt, and your very own beanie baby frostburn doll...hope you enjoy your stay!"

*Kicks Socialism's shins*

"Get used to it..."

*And hits Socialism's shins again"

Hail the spf forums! Oh, and welcome to the spf Socialism!

Edit:Btw...uhhh.is that a big blow up bananna in your hands...very schwagg...very schwagg my friend


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@diable loves donutz - You are clearly responsible for my missing vodka. Baaad donutz (never thought I would say *that*)

OT: Welcome to the SPF, have a fun time reading the stickies. Remember free beer in the EMB and don't forget to blame Durf for ... everything.


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the nubz are trying to kick you, don't worry about them!
just gib me your cookie share
some fav builds in the SP???

SP gangsta nebux:evil:


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Welcome to the SPF Socialism.

You really should get out to some natural rock SOON!!
Here's a pic of me doing a very nice open book corner in good old SAFFA.:grin:

Enjoy your stay and ask anything, these guys are quite knowledgable.

Edit: btw very nice BaNaNa


nebux, since when you got a gangsta? :grin:

Anyway, welcome to the forum and... nice banana you have that :badteeth:


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Haha, thanks for all your quirky-vicious-yet-perhaps-well-meaning welcomes!

The banana was won in the "Trocaderos" arcade in Picadilly Square (London) and proceeded to travel around the world (Europe / Southeast Asia / North America) and has since been retired to my closet in Canada. As my avatar, it became a bit of a mascot for the "op xbananax" USEast Hardcore channel on battle.net. I just wish it wasn't so metaphorical.

Deep down, it is my fundamental belief that everyone, yes, everyone is a badass gangsta from the West side homie g funk star.

Unleash the beast!


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Welcome. Not all of us are "gangstas" some of us are EUs :grin: For instance I give out extra cookies for those lovely insights to you (it takes a real Green booby plate to run around with a large banana); in addition to this regular goodie basket of baked goods and squid repelant, of course.

BTW, the shin kicking is a good thing. If we cripple you, you spend more time in front of your comp and less running around rock faces. So it's our way of saying "we'd like to see more of you."
Welcome, Socialism!

Out of curiosity, any other games/special interests you'd like to share?

And are you a Socialist, or did you just like the name?


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Sorry, have been ridiculously busy with work these past few days (weeks, months, aah).

I'm not REALLY a socialist, in the traditional sense, per se. I'm a bit of a socio-communist, but don't think we've yet arrived at any particularly functional governance schemes for a utopian society anytime in the near future.

The name actually came as a laughable afterthought from a highly politicized discussion on b.net ("You noobs are commies!" "Actually, there hasn't ever really been -true- communism in the world... just structures that attempt to pull something akin to it in place..." "STFU NOOB UR [email protected]#$" etc.). Socialism come! Socialism smash! (Hulk smash! Hulk smash racism! Rarr!)

I'm a bit random like that.

I used to play (and am still planning on someday finishing #5 of) the Quest for Glory series by Sierra. Most beautiful/best solo RPG for me, hands down.

I'm afraid of WoW because I know I'd get addicted and turn into Bruno, the 48 year old virgin who lives in the basement but, you know, everyone is jealous of because I'd spend all day chatting with babes online (cough).

I'm 22 and work as a copywriter for an advertising agency. Everyone thinks I'm 30, which is both good and bad. Good because it means they respect what I have to say during my presentations (awkwardly enough, I'm the point man in my current project), bad because it means I look 30. Life's tough.

Yes, I AM the person in my avatar.

Uh. I like rock climbing. A lot. And kung fu. A lot, but a little less than rock climbing. Have done 14 years of Taekwondo which I hastily abandoned after taking 2 years of Wing Chun.

Er. I'm in Malaysia, but am looking to escape the country. If anyone knows of any decent consulting / finance / marketing jobs up for grabs with any major powerhouses in Toronto (Canada), let me know. I've got permanent residency.

Right... I think I've typed way more than enough, and way more than you've ever wanted to know. Amazing that you got this far, congratulations! Thanks for reading, a cookie for you!

Your pal,

Edit: I'd usually edit this down to make it more readable because I'm more than a little wordy... but am exhausted after a long day. Sorry! <3


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its good to see another familiar face here! Welcome of course!

I made the switch to sp mainly because its much easier to play for 5 minutes and then leave. The down side is that I have to spend way more time reading this forum then I ever had to spend reading the HC forum, oh... and I still read the HC forum too.

What characters are you planning on making?

Anyway, I gotta run. I have homework to do before class.

Long live the ****in' banana! (I'm still running the bot btw, it gets disconnected lots. Annoying.)



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Yarr harr harr! I've stumbled into this crazy forum, yes, yes.

There seem to actually be more addicts here than in the hardcore forum! Delighting, surprising, and frightening at the same time! Ha!

Anyway. Ugh. You know. Standard no-brainer builds, like BlizzBaller, maybe a Pride/Beast/Bramble Summon/Poison Necro (I don't know if I can resist the temptation to dupe El runes!), finally a melee char of sorts (never dared with 400+ ping online)... who knows!

How's the carpentry going?