Yin Yang thread


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Yin Yang thread

Haven't made a thread here for a bit.:tongue: Rules are simple:
1. Name something bad that's happened to you in diablo. could be losing a duel to an 'omg 1337' bnet kid, your first dclone kill fails to drop anni, getting scammed, etc.

2. name something good. getting a really nice freebie, finding your first legit hr, coming back and killing that 'omg 1337' bnetter 5-0, or just a really good run with friends:smiley:

Yin: before torches could be traded via the trade screen, i had agreed to make a drop trade with some guy in a1 at the cart. i said something about scammers, and he went on about how he hated them so much too. i dropped a really nice sc (like 200-300 psn dam), and he dropped his torch. stupid me tried typing to ask something during this, and he ran up, grabbed my sc, and left the game:shocked:

Yang: Once i was trying to trade off some puls for 20 lifers since azn was paying pretty nicely for them.:grin: One trade game i went to, i was able to buy a 20 life/11 res sc for a pul off somebody ^_^ sold it in the forums for like 10 hr

Lord Nyax

:devil: My account got haxored and most of my good items jacked.
:innocent: I got a good laugh when my 26% Monarch Spirit got taken, but my 42% Res 35% Sac Targe spirit was left. Some people...also left 10 BK Rings...some people...:rolleyes:


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:devil: My account got haxored and most of my good items jacked.
:innocent: I got a good laugh when my 26% Monarch Spirit got taken, but my 42% Res 35% Sac Targe spirit was left. Some people...also left 10 BK Rings...some people...:rolleyes:
Probably they want you to stay, and keep finding items for them...



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Worst thing that happened to me... hmm... getting my old character scammed 4 times (different ways though) before I learned my lesson "Be paranoiac." :rolleyes:

Best thing was when I had that 20/19 Ptorch drop in a Uber run for me. :grin:

Evrae Altana

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Bad: getting a rollback.
Good: the same rollback rolling back a skillpoint in accidently put in the wrong skill.


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yin: trying to do runs and some lvl 80 comes in and pks everyone

yang: managed to get all the stuff for my barb and just got most of the items for my pally

smarts: had a guy who wanted to see what he would look like in my barbs ap nigma (yea right). said he would give it back. informed him that it didn't leave my barb and he could look at it. only 2 people on all of bnet i trust and one is a personal friend.

the other is another friend who let me use his fort armour and other items for a torch run. ps gave them back when i was finished.


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Yin: Doing nearly 30 key runs, with no keys to show for it...

Yang: Geting 2 Terror keys, 1 Hate key, and 2 Distruction keys the very next go around... What are the odds of that I wonder?



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1. The lag got so bad that I couldn't play.

2. I started playing single player, downloaded ATMA, and the game became fun again.

I haven't played in awhile, but still...


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don't blame ya maxus, seeing all the ppl on the forums saying how they trusted somebody, and they robbed them. i was just in a game earlier today, helping somebody xfer, and one of his friends came in, and we kinda semi-dueled. he wanted to see the armor i was wearing (fort), and then asked to try it. i decided to play safe and say no. he said that the guy i was xferring for knows him & trusts him, but still. he may have been an alright guy and gave it back, but you can never be too careful.

Yin: 4 uber trist runs, and each one is mostly worthless

Yang: having a pally that can do uber trist runs lol


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Yin: My account got hacked a few years ago lost everything. quite for a few months
Yang: When i started playing again my first char (a sorc) found me my first HR, it was a Jah. Found it in a chest going to meph


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Yin: Found an Um in NM WSK in the morning and the char died with it at night. Hardcore.

Yang: Found a Jewellers Wyrmhide of the whale and sold for a number of hrs in the forum.


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Yin: Bein scammed a few times before realizing I needed to be less trusting.

Yang: Finding a Mal and a SOJ yesterday!


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Yin: My jah rune poofed, first hr too poof.

Yang: The next day after i find a jah rune in the pits


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Yin: Doing uber runs with my double throw barb and getting 5 low necro torches in a row

Yang: Proofed to my friends it was do-able with a throw barb ^^


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- Getting switcheroo-scammed and lose a Ko rune (I don't mind the rune, just the fact that it was stolen)
- Getting my Summoner's "behind" handed by Lillith. There goes the confidence...
- Rude peope on Bnet in general
- LOOOTS of "Failed to join game" 's

- First-time Solo-ing Diablo Clone and getting a 18/17/10 Annihilus
- Finding a BK4 ring
- Finding two Mals in three days at the Countess
- Getting a free Arreat's Face from some guy with the account name "waystie". Remember folks, there are still good souls on Bnet! :azn: