Yet another summoner question - yawn...


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Yet another summoner question - yawn...

Thanks to some rather generous friends, I have a fishy-ish mancer equip with a 33 hoto and full trangs.

I found a perf BK ring and was wondering if i was better advised to flog it or use it? The life leech is useless as all I do is CE everywhere which BTW is the best thing since the hero stuck the soulstone in his head...

Would like some advice please.

Also, if to flog, what rings do you suggest for killing speed as a pose to mf?


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Hmm, a 5% bk ring is a rare find, I would keep it in your hands. You know that is legit.

I am not sure what realm you are playing on, etc. So the worth of the bk ring could be different, but either way i would save it, even if for another character.

Best rings for killing speed would be:
soj: mana + skill
Bk: skill + life (notice the extra skill is nice)
Huge Mana ring with fcr and resis. (oh, saw you don't have enigma, so fcr isn't that important)

Other than that, rings won't help you out all that much. The +mana would let you CE longer, and + life, resis, dex will keep you alive. The only way you can help skellies is with the extra skill.


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Trade it for an enigma+ and change your killing speed by a factor of about 5.

Factor of 100 if you do baal runs.