Yet another re-introduction


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Yet another re-introduction

Hi guys,

I've been lurking here the past few weeks or so trying to get the lay of the land while I decided whether I really did want to commit to a game that has already eaten so much of my time already and it turns out that actually, yes I did.

I'm pleased the SPF has decided to become mod friendly and seems to have done so without disrupting the community. I played a few TC's way back and they were a pretty entertaining way of spinning the longevity of the game out a little but ultimately the balance a professional outfit like Blizzard bring can never be matched by a couple or bedroom programmers (and I use that term with admiration).

I came back with the initial intention of going straight in to a tussle with the SPHL using ATMA's character creator but thought better of it thinking that perhaps taking a SC character through normal would be a good way to get back into the swing of things.

Damn was that ever a good choice. I had A) Forgotten how hard 1.10 is, and B) Really I totally forgot, 1.10 is hard.

So I'm happily wading through the marshy swamps of Act 3 having got my act together a little after dying three or four times in Act 1. I wanted a nice simple build really to carve my way through normal as fast as possible so I thought a Tesladin would be fun.

Sandor (for that is his name) is currently at Lv27 and really starting to annhilate everything in his path. My plan is to max HS and RL obviously and then go with HFire and as much into RF as I can afford as I seem to remember elemental aura paladins have really AR problems if they don't also max Zeal? Taking a Hfreeze merc along for the ride we're (in theory at least) going to be a tri-elemental partnership of DOOOOOOOM.

Anyway, less chat, more righteous slaughter.


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WELCON!M! back

it seems you have re-learned the hardness of 1.10, love it, learn it, become it!




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Ahhh... Coming back to 1.10 is indeed a pain in the ass. I decided a nice run through normal would be in order so I could get a feel for the game, and right now I'm sitting at the River of Flame / gates to the ... whatever the place with Diablo is ( eck... brainfart ) . Even at p1 my druid is getting royally raped in that place...
*kicks shins*
Hi randy! dont think ive had the pleasure of meeting you yet, which is why you get the shin kick. 1.10 isnt hard, but then i didnt play much 1.09, whioch was really unless you were using a necro or dr00d.


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Welcome back to the SPF, randy! :)

And you should have worn shinguards... *gives randy a Full Juvi* ;)


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I haven't meet you before so here's your goodie basket of baked goods and squid repelant. Enjoy your reimmersion into the game, check the stickies, re-upload your 'tar (the forum's been moved so much the 'tars all got scrambled), and stop on by the EMB.


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Cheers for the Juvie, baked goods and welcome's guys, great to see so many faces old and new alike.

Having made normal in SC I'm going to ease my way in to HC with a Skellimancer with the hope of eventually making Guardian, an achievement I have still yet to have the pleasure of.