Yet another RAM thread

Yet another RAM thread

This time it's not my computer. Whew!

The computer in question is a Compaq Presario S5200CL with two 256MB DRAM chips. We bought two 512MB DRAM chips. The craputer in question refuses to recognize them.

The chips are the right ones. We repeatedly made sure of that.

The problems are various. Several times a blue screen of death showed up saying Winblow shut down to avoid damage to the computer. Other times it simply refuses to get past the initial windows logo screen.

Yeah I know, the core problem is it's a Crapaq. Other than that, any ideas on what happened?


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I'm going to RAM this thread up your...

Yes, it's because it's Compaq. I recommend an exorcism.


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if its the 5200 with the 3 sdram slots, then the max is 384mb, 3x128 dimms

sorry you need a better computer for that memory